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22 Lyme Disease Quotes

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Lyme disease is a vector-borne disease found around the world and is most common in the United States. It is caused by the Borrelia bacterium found primarily in deer ticks. Early symptoms of Lyme disease include a red rash, fever, tiredness, and headaches. If left untreated, Lyme disease can lead to joint pains, memory problems, severe headaches, and loss of the ability to move parts of the face. Prevention, such as checking for ticks in higher-risk areas and wearing proper attire and insect repellents, is the key to dealing with Lyme disease. If you need to raise awareness about Lyme disease, why not create custom apparel using one of these quotes about Lyme disease?

22 Lyme Disease Quotes

Chronic Lyme disease is real

Lyme disease ticks me off

A few minutes to check for ticks is worth it to avoid years with Lyme disease

The source is small, but the effect of Lyme disease is big

Lyme disease is one bullseye you want to avoid

To avoid Lyme disease, use this trick: after outdoor fun, check for ticks

It takes more time to recover from Lyme than to do a tick check

Not everyone has a happy recovery from Lyme disease

Tick check please to avoid Lyme disease

Ticks can do more than just bug you

This is what a person with Lyme disease looks like

It’s worth the time to check for ticks and avoid Lyme

While treatable and preventable, Lyme disease is no small matter

Better to find a tick in the nick of time before you find yourself sick with Lyme

Bullseye rash = see a doctor fast

Don’t let Lyme disease bug you — take tick precautions

Lyme disease will give you the icks — make sure you always check for ticks

Ticks may be small, but their bite can carry Lyme disease

Bit by a tick and don’t feel fine? Go to your doctor to make sure it’s not Lyme

Lyme disease sucks

Better to check for a tick than for Lyme disease to make you sick

Check everywhere, even behind the knees — you never know where a tick might give you Lyme disease



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