Team Names

26 Mini Golf Team Names

Getting your friends and family together for some mini golf is so much fun, even when you’re not so great at it. Whether you’re headed to a pirate-themed course or have a vendetta with the windmill hole, unite your team in custom t-shirts, tanks, hats, and more for your next outing. Need some inspiration for your mini golf gear for your [...]

24 Knitting Group Names

Creating something cozy and warm is more fun when you do it with friends, so gather your crew and stand out with a unique knitting group name! Whether you’re in stitches over your latest scarf or are needling away at the perfect blanket, we’ve got a name for you and your fellow knitters. Find the perfect one by checking out our [...]

26 Pet Sitting Slogans

Need a slogan that’ll get your tail wagging? Check out some pawesome pet sitting sayings and slogans in the list below. If you find one you like, be sure to browse our huge selection of customizable t-shirts and tote bags that are purr-fect for your pet sitting business, employees, or special event. We even have bandanas for [...]

Team Names

26 Magic Team Names

Abracadabra! If you blink, you might miss how easy it is to create magic t-shirts at Custom Ink! Are you an escape master or do you love the art of illusion? Then gather your magic-loving friends or group in tees, tanks, and more. Custom gear is perfect for your magic club or even to sell at your magic shop or magic show. Need some help [...]