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America’s Bond With Portable Drinkware

More than just a water bottle

Are you a part of the portable drinkware brigade? Eco-conscious Americans are opting for stylish and sustainable reusable water bottles, but beyond preserving the environment, this movement is also about hydrating in style.

We wanted to know how Americans feel about their water bottles and how their vessel choices might impact their hydration habits, so we surveyed 1,006 of them across generations to find out. Ready for some thirst-quenching insights? Take a sip from your favorite tumbler, and let’s go!

Key Takeaways

  • 1 in 3 Americans feel emotionally attached to their reusable water bottle.
  • Stanley cup users (47%) are more emotionally attached to their drinkware than Hydro Flask (32%) and Yeti (30%) users.
  • Among the top 5 most popular water bottle brands, female Hydro Flask owners are the most hydrated, with 1 in 3 meeting the recommended daily water intake.
  • Over 1 in 3 Americans clean their reusable water bottle every day. 
  • Yeti is America’s favorite reusable water bottle brand.

Portable Drinkware Preferences

Let’s look at the motivations behind collecting reusable drinkware and the number of reusable water bottles Americans own.

Infographic that explores Americans thoughts about owning several reusable water bottles.

Almost three-quarters of Americans (74%) have made the eco-friendly switch to primarily using reusable water bottles. More than half said they own at least one, and over a quarter have three or four. Reasons for owning multiple reusable bottles and tumblers are as diverse as the products themselves. Half of our respondents cited needing a backup when their primary bottle is dirty, 42% needed replacements due to wear and tear, and 29% wanted to enjoy different features or sizes. Aesthetic preferences played a role, too, with 22% desiring more colors or prints to add a personal touch to their hydration habits.

Hydration and Hygiene Habits

Next, we focus on the hydration habits of Americans who use reusable drinkware: how often they use them and how hydrated they are as a result, as well as their cleaning routines.

Infographic that explores Americans' hydration and water bottle hygiene habits.

Approximately one-third of Americans said they carry their reusable water bottles with them wherever they go, indicating a strong commitment to staying hydrated. In that case, it’s a good thing that nearly half (47%) said they clean water bottles at least once per week, and 36% wash them every day.

Toting a treasured tank around with you might be a good idea if you’re trying to stay hydrated. We found that people who used reusable water bottles drank 22% more water daily than those who relied on disposable bottles only. Maybe it’s the convenience or the emotional connection people feel with their portable drinkware that’s upping their water intake. 

Whatever the reason, Hydro Flask users might be among the most well-hydrated — especially women. Women who owned a Hydro Flask were more hydrated than owners of any of the other five most popular water bottle brands. One-third of these women met the National Academy of Medicine’s daily water intake recommendation.

Attachments and Reactions to Drinkware

Our final piece of research offers insight into the popularity of different water bottle and travel cup brands among Americans, what those brands might say about the people who buy them, and how consumers express themselves through their reusable drinkware choices.

Infographic that explores Americans' water bottle preferences.

Yeti was the most popular brand among Americans, followed closely by Stanley and Hydro Flask. Beyond functionality, these choices may also be about the image these brands project. Our survey respondents associated Yeti with outdoorsy individuals, highlighting its rugged, adventure-ready reputation.

Stanley was the brand most associated with aesthetically oriented individuals, suggesting a preference for style and design among its users. Known for its aesthetic appeal, the brand’s durable, insulated tumbler has recently surged in popularity — especially on social media.

Many people feel emotionally connected to their reusable drinkware — 1 in 3 of those we surveyed shared this sentiment, with Gen Z being most likely (43%). Stanley cup users (47%) reported being emotionally attached to their drinkware the most, followed by Hydro Flask (32%) and Yeti (30%) users. These findings reflect the deep relationship between consumers and their chosen brands.

Gen Z was also the generation most likely to personalize their reusable water bottles with decorations like stickers, charms, and engravings. We invited survey participants to upload pics of their emotional support water bottles. Here’s what they shared:

Image collage of Americans' emotional support water bottles.

Good to the Last Sip

So, what have we learned about America’s reusable drinkware culture? For starters, many Americans are clearly embracing the trend and carrying their beloved bottles everywhere they go. More importantly, we’ve seen how the right portable drinkware choice can make a difference in how much water we drink. So, the next time you pick out a new water bottle, know that your new accessory might just become your hydration hero!


We surveyed 1,006 Americans; 46% were men, 52% were women, and 1% were non-binary (percentages don’t total 100 exactly due to rounding). As for the generations, 10% were baby boomers, 30% were Gen X, 30% were millennials, and 30% were Gen Z. Data for our hydration analysis was sourced from the Harvard School of Public Health, which recommended men aged 19 and older drink 13 cups (104 fluid ounces) and women aged 19 and older drink 9 cups (72 fluid ounces) daily.

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