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200 Breast Cancer Team Names and Slogans

A water bottle, a tote bag, two t-shirts, and a hoodie with breast cancer team names printed on them.

Are you participating in a race for the American Cancer Society, or maybe you’re gaming for the Breast Cancer Research Foundation? Whether it’s one of these, a local fundraiser, or a walk, you’re going to want to pick a clever name for your team. We’ve compiled a list of 200 breast cancer team names and catchy slogans to inspire you. Whether you want something poignant, heartfelt, cheeky, or funny, we’re confident there’s a little something for everyone. It’s such a vital cause that brings us together as we show our support or celebrate survivorship, so pick your favorite to use on your team jerseys, breast cancer awareness t-shirts, hats, water bottles, and so much more! 

Catchy Breast Cancer Slogans

Creative Cancer Team Names

Funny Breast Cancer Team Names

Breast Cancer Fundraiser Names

Catchy Breast Cancer Slogans

  1. Fight Like a Warrior, Beat Breast Cancer
  2. Together We Can Conquer Cancer
  3. Paint the Town Pink, Spread the Hope
  4. Unite for the Cure
  5. Stand Strong, Fight On
  6. One Ribbon, One Hope, One Cure
  7. Pink Power, Hopeful Hearts
  8. Breast Cancer Warriors Unite
  9. Raising Funds, Saving Lives
  10. Pink Strong, Fight Long
  11. Hope Blooms, Lives Heal
  12. Breast Cancer Fighters in it Together
  13. Racing for a World Without Breast Cancer
  14. Pink Ribbons, Never Forgotten
  15. Strength in Pink, Courage in Unity
  16. Walking Hand in Hand, Step by Step
  17. Band Together for the Cure
  18. Pink Hearts and Courageous Souls
  19. Join the Fight, Find the Cure
  20. When Survivors Unite, Hope Ignites
  21. Hope Blooms When Courage Grows
  22. Pink Champions With Courageous Hearts
  23. Stepping Forward, Finding a Cure
  24. Together We Thrive, Together We Survive
  25. Ribbon of Hope, Ribbon of Strength
  26. Run for Remission, Walk for Wellness
  27. Stand Up to Cancer, Stand Up for Life
  28. Join Hands for the Cure
  29. Lacing Up for a Cure
  30. Together We Rise, Together We Fight
  31. When Survivors Unite, Hope Takes Flight
  32. Join the Fight, Spread the Light
  33. Together We Can Overcome
  34. Race for a Cause, Race for a Cure
  35. Walking Strong, Walking for Hope
  36. Cancer Can’t Take Our Spirit
  37. Pink Strength, Endless Hope
  38. Join the Race, Embrace the Hope
  39. Pink Together, Stronger Than Ever
  40. Step for Strength, Walk for Hope
  41. Cancer Can’t Break Our Spirit
  42. Together We Triumph, Together We Shine
  43. Running for Remission, Healing With Hope
  44. Think Hope for a Brighter Tomorrow
  45. Walking Miles to Save Smiles
  46. Fight Breast Cancer Every Day
  47. Fighting Together, Thriving Forever 
  48. Don’t Walk—Run for a Cure! 
  49. Think Pink: Find a Cure
  50. Let’s Get Cancer Off Our Chests! 

A group of people gather for a breast cancer walk/run wearing matching custom t-shirts.

Creative Cancer Team Names

  1. Prancers Against Cancer
  2. I Pink I Can
  3. Tumernators
  4. Hope Troopers
  5. Stride Against Strife
  6. The Cancer Crushers
  7. Walking Warriors
  8. The Cure Crusaders
  9. Race for Recovery
  10. Hope Hustlers
  11. Survival Sprinters
  12. Remission Raiders
  13. Hurdling for Hope
  14. Radiant Runners
  15. The Chemo Crew
  16. Inspire Striders
  17. Invincible Imperials
  18. The Tumor Terminators
  19. Progress in Pink 
  20. Resilience Racers
  21. Conqueror Corps
  22. Healing Hearts
  23. Steps of Strength
  24. Melanoma Mavericks
  25. The Fit Fighters
  26. Serenity Strollers
  27. Dare to Defeat
  28. Brave Soles 
  29. Miracle Makers
  30. Stride Survivors
  31. Jogging for the Journey
  32. Positive Pace
  33. Cure Questers
  34. Knockout for a Cause
  35. Life Savers Squad
  36. Heartfelt Heroes
  37. Cancer’s Match
  38. Fearless Fighters
  39. Fierce Fighters for a Cure
  40. The Cure Crew
  41. Run for Remission
  42. Stride for Strength
  43. Race for a Remedy
  44. Cancer Conquerers 
  45. The Hopeful Hikers
  46. Cure Crusaders
  47. Stellar Survivors
  48. The Witty Wig Walkers
  49. Answer for Cancer
  50. Revved for a Cure

A group of dancers poses on stage wearing matching custom t-shirts that say, "I'm a dancer against cancer."

Funny Breast Cancer Team Names

  1. The Mammo-Grammies
  2. The Pink Pacesetters
  3. Two For the Road
  4. Breast Friends Forever
  5. Tough Trotters
  6. Save the Girls
  7. Resolute Rebels
  8. Brave Brigade
  9. Pretty in Pink
  10. Breast Foot Forward
  11. Wonder Women
  12. The Stalwart Sisterhood
  13. Brave Bombshells
  14. Support Squad
  15. Straight Outta Chemo
  16. The Courageous Crew
  17. Simply The Breast
  18. The Breast Quest
  19. Fearless Five
  20. Who Run the World? Girls.
  21. Breastie Besties
  22. The Lovely Ladies
  23. Bosom Buddies
  24. Persistent Survivors 
  25. Mighty Mammogrammers
  26. Put Your Breast Foot Forward
  27. Breast Side Story
  28. Wild Wild Breasts
  29. The Breast Dang Thing
  30. Crash Breast Dummies
  31. My Breast Friend’s Wedding
  32. The Breast I Ever Had
  33. Keep-a-Breast Brigade
  34. On Wednesdays, We Wear Pink
  35. Bosom Brigade
  36. The Missing Pink
  37. Pink or Swim
  38. Pink, Pink, Nudge, Nudge
  39. The Mammo-Glam Squad
  40. Perky Pacers 
  41. Women on the Move
  42. Hustle and Bustle for the Bust
  43. Bust a Move
  44. Brassiere Batallion
  45. Pacing for Pink
  46. Pink Ribbon Prancers
  47. Resilient Runners
  48. Mammory Motivators
  49. Breast Intentions
  50. Sole Survivors

A group wearing pink matching custom t-shirts that say, "Pink Out Cancer."

Breast Cancer Fundraiser Names

  1. Refuse To Lose
  2. Think Pink
  3. Hope and Healing Gathering
  4. Pink Ribbon Rally
  5. Bust Out Breast Cancer Bash
  6. Support for Survivors Soiree
  7. Beating Breast Cancer Benefit
  8. Million Dollar Mammogram Marathon
  9. Pink Power Party
  10. Sprint for Survival
  11. Mammaries Matter Marathon
  12. Fight Like a Girl Fundraiser
  13. Busting Barriers Benefit
  14. Rack up the Cash Rally
  15. Warriors in Pink Walk
  16. The Pink Penny Drive
  17. Show Your Support Soiree
  18. Ta-Ta to Tumours Telethon
  19. Runway for Recovery
  20. Pink Positivity Picnic
  21. High Heels for Hope Walkathon
  22. Bosom Buddy Bake Sale
  23. Rock the Ribbon Rally
  24. Marching Mammaries Movement
  25. Driving Out Diagnosis Dinner
  26. Beats for Breasts Concert
  27. Bust-Buster BBQ
  28. Pink Tie Affair
  29. Blooms for Breasts Garden Party
  30. Baking for Breasts
  31. Let’s Cure Cancer Cook-off 
  32. Cupcakes for a Cause
  33. Sweet Support Squad
  34. Cookies for the Cure
  35. Stomping Out Cancer Silent Bid
  36. Pink Ribbon Silent Raffle
  37. Auction for Awareness
  38. Bake and Battle Breast Cancer
  39. Confections for a Cure
  40. Brownies for the Brave
  41. Pies for Pink Ribbons
  42. Remote Ribbon Runners
  43. Cyber Crusaders for a Cure
  44. Pancakes for Pink Ribbons
  45. Flipping for a Cure
  46. Pink Pancake Posse
  47. Breast Cancer Breakfast Brigade
  48. Buttered with Love
  49. Pancakes with a Purpose
  50. Breast Friends Breakfast Club

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    • Kelly Jones

      I love how you brought your dog along with to show support! My friends and I heard a walk in our area coming up and found this to be a perfect opportunity to take part in to show support for our friend who passed about a year ago. I haven’t came up with a team name yet but I really like Team Boobylicious. We are even having a cook out and making foods that represent cancer awareness. Glad it seemed like you all had a great time.

    • cheryl

      the therapeutic center where I am the coordinator, participates in a competitive event in our area every October to increase breast cancer awareness..this year we portrayed a day at the derby along with the vip room,. ballroom, guest shop, etc . which was also interactive…….this event won this year..actually we just got our recognition today. we are starting to come up with an idea for next year…any ideas….however, I am curious about the foods that you are preparing that represent cancer awareness…please email back to us…we are interested in any ideas that will help us to increase awareness at our center as well as the community

    • Yvonne

      Cheryl, here are a few food ideas that we are also thinking of – Pink Pancakes, Pink Lemonaide, Pomagrante Punch, Pink Lemonaide Popsicles, Strawberriies Smoothie

    • Susan lowberg

      How long does this last, i would love to do it being a survivor but would have to work the mext day

    • TRob

      The Titty Comittee

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