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36 Retirement Sayings & Slogans

Retirement Trip

After countless years of hard work, retirement is definitely a cause to celebrate. Whether it’s for your own retirement or a friend or family member’s, you need a way to showcase this achievement. Why not design a custom shirts or mask and let it do the work for you?

36 Retirement Sayings & Slogans

Retirement: The Adventure Begins

Retired and it feels so good!

What day is it again? I’m retired.

9 to 5? What’s that again?

Off to the greener pastures of retirement

Forever off the clock

Enjoying those 7-day weekends

I may be retired, but I’m working hard at doing nothing!

Not my problem, I’m retired

Retirement: Life in the Slow Lane

No meetings, no schedule, no problem

Retired from work, not from life

Retirement is like a vacation the whole year long

Retirement: I’ve paid my dues, so now the fun begins

Working hard at hardly working

I love Mondays! …why yes, I am retired

It’s 5 o’ clock somewhere…all day every day

Retirement: Reclaim your life

Every day is Saturday

I’m retired, I do what I want

Everything’s better when you’re retired

I’ll get to it eventually, I’m retired

Work hard, then play hard

I worked to live—now I get to work at life

Mondays are just as good as Fridays when you’re retired

Retired from work, not life

Retired but no longer tired

I worked hard for this!

I’m my own boss now

Retired and loving it

Retirement: Vacation forever, working never

All play and no work

I’ve been planning for my retirement! Planning on doing nothing.

Everything’s on my terms now, I’m retired

Retirement: no clocks, no commutes, no bosses

Know work, know problems. No work, no problems!


Kendra is the Copywriting Support at Custom Ink. She has a background in art but she loves writing, so she finds a compromise between the two by creating comics in her free time.

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