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America’s Top Band T-Shirts

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Ever wondered which band t-shirts are America’s favorite? We dug into Google search volume data and surveyed 1,000 Americans to bring you the latest insights on the nation’s most loved artist merch. Ready to see where your favorite bands rank across the U.S.? Whether you’re a die-hard fan or just love the aesthetic, join us as we explore the trends.

Key Takeaways

  • Overall, Olivia Rodrigo t-shirts are the most popular music artist t-shirts in America.
  • Heavy metal fans have spent the most on band shirts out of all the genres, with the average fan spending $500 in their lifetime.
  • Heavy metal fans own the most band shirts out of all the genres, with the average fan owning 10 shirts.  
  • Over 30% of Americans think you don’t need to know the artist’s music to wear their merch.


Top Band T-shirts by State & City

Peeking into America’s musical wardrobe shows how fans of various genres — country, EDM, heavy metal, pop, rap, and hip-hop — express their allegiance through the band t-shirts they covet. First, we’ll see which artists got the most searches for their branded t-shirts based on search volume in each U.S. state.

Most searched artist t-shirts overall by state

Olivia Rodrigo t-shirts were the most popular by search volume, highlighting a widespread affection for her music across the U.S.

Country fans showed the strongest affinity for LANCO, Michael Ray, and Dan + Shay, whose music embodies the storytelling and emotional resonance this genre is known for. Fans of EDM, which is distinguished by its pulsating energy and communal culture, expressed the greatest allegiance to Bassnectar, Skrillex, and Diplo. Heavy metal’s passionate and dedicated fan base searched the most for Testament, Trivium, and Like Moths to Flames t-shirts.

Rap and hip-hop t-shirt favorites were those of 2 Chainz and Isaiah Rashad, followed by a tie between Noname, Rico Nasty, DeJ Loaf, Gunna, and J Hus, reflecting the genre’s wide variety and its role in voicing social commentary and personal expression.

Most searched country artist t-shirts by state and city

Among the most populated American cities, Kane Brown t-shirts were the most popular compared to any other country artist, while Tim McGraw and Dan + Shay tied for second, and Brad Paisley rounded out the top three. The EDM scene vibrated with Marshmello at the forefront, followed by Avicii and Paul Oakenfold, tied in a close second. The Glitch Mob captured third place.

Heavy metal had the most loyal band t-shirt following among U.S. cities, with Testament at the helm, closely followed by Trivium and Opeth.

Most searched heavy metal artist t-shirts by state and city

Pop star t-shirt searches in major American cities were dominated by Justin Timberlake, Camila Cabello, and Kesha as top picks, highlighting their wide-reaching allure.

Most searched pop artist t-shirts by state and city

Logic topped the rap and hip-hop t-shirt charts among t-shirt searches in the 50 most populated cities, followed by a tie between Kash Doll, Vince Staples, T.I., Wale, Peso Pluma, Rick Ross (perhaps most famous for the viral Rickrolling internet prank), Gunna, then Lil Durk in third place.

Most searched rap/hip-hop artist t-shirts by state and city


Spending Habits of Music Merch Enthusiasts

Next, we’ll look at the connection fans have with their music merchandise, including how many artist-branded items they own and how much their collections cost.

Popular band merch buying methods and sentiments.

Heavy metal fans stood out for their unparalleled commitment to music-themed apparel, owning an average of 10 band shirts per person — the highest number across all music genre fans. This community’s spending habits also revealed heavy metal fans as the most financially devoted, having spent an average of $500 on band shirts in their lifetime ($100 more than other fans).

So, where’s the best place to buy your favorite artist’s t-shirts? Concerts or live events were the top source for music merch, with 57% of fans seizing the opportunity to commemorate live performances. However, 34% admitted to owning a concert tee for an event they’ve never attended, especially rap and hip-hop (41%) fans.

Closely following live shows, 56% of fans have turned to artists’ official websites to support their favorites directly. But fans of the late music legends often flock to third-party online retailers to scoop up vintage band t-shirts and those representing artists who are no longer touring — these accounted for 55% of purchases.

Music artists sell all kinds of merchandise, but short-sleeve t-shirts were the most popular, according to 88% of the fans we surveyed, followed by hoodies (41%) and posters (23%). On average, fans had six music artist t-shirts. And although some fans thought you should know at least three songs by an artist before donning their merch, 30% of Americans said band shirts are for everyone, regardless of song knowledge.


The Rhythms of America’s Band T-shirt Culture

Olivia Rodrigo’s merch took the crown with the highest number of loyal fans sporting her merch, but heavy metal fans weren’t far behind, showcasing their loyalty through the highest-priced collections. The debate over whether knowing an artist’s music is essential to wearing their merch added a layer of complexity to Americans’ music apparel choices. Whether you’re a true fan or not, this apparel is an identity statement. Wear it proudly, whether you love the artist or just the look.



For this study, we collected Google search volume data for music artist t-shirts from January 2023 through December 2024. Our analysis involved a difference-from-the-mean calculation, comparing search volume for each artist’s “shirts” and “tees” in all 50 states and the 50 most populated U.S. cities to the national average to find the artist most associated with each locale. We also surveyed 1,000 Americans about their perceptions of musicians’ merchandise. The average age of respondents was 39; 50% were male, and 50% were female. The generational representation was 6% baby boomers, 23% Gen X, 55% millennials, and 16% Gen Z.


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