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25 Domestic Violence Awareness Slogans

A group walks in matching custom t-shirts to end domestic violence by raising awareness

Every year, nearly 10 million men and women in the United States experience physical abuse by an intimate partner. While the signs are often hard to see, domestic abuse is an all too common occurrence in what otherwise seem like loving relationships. By raising awareness and talking about domestic violence, you can help empower your friends, family, and neighbors to speak up and break free from their abuser. Help spread awareness for a noble cause with custom t-shirts featuring these empowering domestic violence awareness slogans and help start a conversation that could save a life.

25 Domestic Violence Awareness Slogans

Real men don’t hurt women

End violence, refuse to be silent

Abuse has no excuse

There’s always another option

Talk about difficult topics

Speak up, and speak out

Violence is never the answer

Love should never hurt

Domestic violence hurts everyone involved

Keep them safe, not insecure

We will not be silent

Violence is for the weak, love is for the strong

You can’t beat real love

We’re all someone’s daughter, sister, mother, or wife

Violence is a choice. Choose better

Stop the cycle of violence

True neighbors speak up

No one deserves to be abused

Change the way the story ends

Don’t judge yourself by what others did to you

Never let one who contributes so little to a relationship control it

And here you are living, despite it all

The enemy doesn’t stand a chance when a victim decides to survive

Stand up for yourself, stand up for all women

Be a better neighbor

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