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Turkey Trot Sayings & Slogans for Your Thanksgiving Run

family turkey trot

Calling all turkey trotters! In honor of all of you who are dedicated to getting a run in before your Thanksgiving feast, we’ve compiled a list of some clever slogans for Turkey Trot or Drumstick Dash t-shirts, along with some creative turkey trot t-shirt design ideas to inspire you. Feel free to use any of our ideas to make custom tees, long sleeves, or hoodies for your next Thanksgiving Day run. Whether you win the trot or not, that’s one well deserved dinner!

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Turkey Trot Sayings & Slogans

    Will Run For Food

    Strutting Our Stuffing

    Run Like a Beast Before You Feast

    Huffin’ & Puffin for Turkey & Stuffin’

    Pour Some Gravy On Me

    Best Leg Day Ever!

    Thanksgiving: Not a Good Day to Be My Pants

    I’m Just Here for the Pie

    Food Coma Ready

    Run, Turkey, Run!

    Gobble Gobble, Run & Wobble

    Paying the Price for All Things Pumpkin Spice

    Giving the Bird a Run for It’s Money

    Dashing for Drumsticks

    Making Room for Seconds


    I Came. I Saw. I Ran. Now I Eat.

    Trot, Eat, Sleep.

    Gobble til You Wobble

    Hip, Hip, Hooray. It’s Thanksgiving Day!

    Thankful for Stretchy Pants

    Shake Your Tail Feathers

    Making Room for Pie Since 20[XX]

    Eat, Drink, & Get Your Fat Pants Ready

    Run Now, Gobble Later

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