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25 Melanoma Sayings & Slogans


The most dangerous form of skin cancer, melanoma is primarily caused by exposure to ultraviolet (UV) light. With 25% of melanomas related to moles on the body, it is important for individuals to do routine skin checks and have regular dermatologist visits. Wearing sunscreen and avoiding UV light (through means such as wearing sun-blocking clothing) are other preventative methods against melanoma. With prevention and early detection being the best measures one can take against melanoma, spreading awareness is key. If you or someone you know is fighting melanoma, create a custom shirt or hoodie to get the message out!

25 Melanoma Sayings & Slogans

You only get one birthday suit—take care of it!

Check yourself (and your moles) before you wreck yourself (with melanoma)

Skin is your largest organ, so you gotta protect it

Sunscreen does more than stop the effects of aging—it helps prevent melanoma

Skin Cancer Sucks

Tans may look great, but not getting skin cancer is better

It’s a win-win if you can avoid sunburns AND melanoma


Sunblock rocks!

Prevent skin cancer and prevent melanoma from creating melancholy

Make sure to rock the sunblock and avoid melanoma

It’s a win if you can protect your skin

Keep having fun in the sun—cover up and use sunblock

Spray tan exists for a reason

When it’s the largest organ of your body, it’s not just “skin cancer”

There is no such thing as a healthy tan

Things are better in the sun, except for skin cancer

Things wearing sunscreen can prevent: wrinkles, sunburns, melanoma

The only burn you want to feel is when you exercise

It shouldn’t take a sunburn to learn that the sun can hurt

The sun’s more dangerous than you think—always wear sunscreen

The most fashionable thing you can wear is sunscreen

Say ‘no’ to melanoma

Dentist visits, doctor visits, don’t forget your dermatologist visits

Tanning beds are as bad as cigarettes for your health




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