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23 French Teacher Sayings

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Est-ce que tu parles français? If your answer was “oui”, you probably took French class at some point in your life. Thank your French teacher, who put in countless hours helping students learn about perfect versus pluperfect tenses, the difference between “savoir” and “connaître”, and the best way to pronounce “l’écureuil”. If you teach French or just know someone who does, let everyone know you’re a francophile and create some custom gear with one of these French teacher sayings!

23 French Teacher Sayings

It’s all French to me

Excusez-moi mon Française

That’s Professeur to you

Teaching French for the students…and for the delicious food

Cheese, wine, and pop quizzes

Bring on le pain!

The field trips make teaching French worth it

Impossible n’est pas cours de français

I have a degree in French, and now I’m here

Pardon my French

Helping kids learn the difference between accent aigu and accent grave one class at a time

I just love cedilles

‘Je ne comprende pas’ is not an answer

I took how many years of French to teach this?

I love the sound of French in the morning!

J’adore enseigner le français

Teaching French so I can vacation in Juin, Juillet, and Août

Doing it for les enfants

Excuse my French

French Teachers: Helping people mangle their accents for a living

Good food, great wine, and lesson-planning time

Wearing berets is not in the job description

“Repetez, s’il vous plaît” are my five favorite words





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