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22 FCCLA Slogans

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Family, Career and Community Leaders of America (FCCLA) is a non-profit organization for youth in grades 6-12 that focuses on Family and Consumer Science (FCS) as it instills leadership qualities. Created in 1945, the FCCLA helps teens with relevant issues such as substance abuse, peer pressure, teen pregnancy, and health while fostering leadership qualities and life skills. If you want to recognize your FCCLA chapter and share some team spirit, create a custom shirt or hoodie with one of these FCCLA slogans!

22 FCCLA Slogans

Always working towards new horizons

Family, Career and Community Leaders of America: the Ultimate Leadership Experience

Preparing today’s youth for tomorrow’s leadership

Because there’s a lot to learn about life

Adulting ain’t easy

Recruit, Retain, and Recognize

Be a part of something bigger

Family never stops being important

We are Family (and Career and Community Leaders)

FCCLA: Fostering leadership in promising youth

It’s not just Home Ec

Because family isn’t just the people in your household

Helping the community, helping other leaders

Be a part of something bigger

Family-focused, community-minded

FCCLA creates leaders and family

Planting the seeds of leadership and growing life skills

There is a science behind building a family

Educating others about Family and Consumer Sciences

There’s a lot more to Home Economics than cooking and sewing

FCCLA paves the way for future leaders

FCCLA: Learning life skills even beyond the home


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