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22 Bushcraft Slogans & Sayings

Posted By Kate Degen

Bushcraft slogans

Head into the wild with all your supplies—and don’t forget the custom bushcraft tees! Whether you’re taking a bushcraft course with friends or training for a wilderness adventure, stand out with your group in t-shirts, hats, and more! Need a little help? Check out our bushcraft slogans & sayings below. If you see something that drives you wild, personalize t-shirts for your whole crew.

22 Bushcraft Slogans & Sayings

    Into the wild.

    Be one with nature.

    Making Darwin proud.

    May the forest be with you.

    Never lost, always prepared.

    Explore more.

    Wild and free.

    The mountains are calling.

    Headed upstream.

    Cut & burn & trap & forage & build & survive.

    I’m a survivor.

    Force of nature.

    “Bushcraft is what you carry in your mind and your muscles.” – Ray Mears

    Welcome to the jungle.

    Sleep under the stars.

    My kind of tinder.

    I’m knot sure.

    All fired up.


    Getting a little grizzly.

    Grin and bear it.

    My survival skills > my people skills.

Kate wants her work to impact the little but important moments in people’s lives—like birthdays, anniversaries, and family celebrations. She loves coming up with witty copy that might inspire someone to create an awesome t-shirt!

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