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January’s Artist Spotlight is on Elizabeth, one of our Procurement Captains. Basically, she gets the right t-shirts to the right printers as fast as possible. She has to juggle inventory, shipping, and manage the time it takes to get t-shirts to their destination. Let’s just say there are quite a few maps of the US & Canada papering the Procurement Team’s walls in the office. Read more –>


Custom T-Shirt Clocks

If you follow us on Facebook or have read Our Story,  you may think we hang out in our t-shirts and flip-flops having fun all day. Well, that is mostly true… but like any office, we have meetings. It may be hard to believe, but our conference rooms didn’t have any clocks! Meetings would get off track, run late, or just carry on into infinity. So, to solve this problem, we decided it would be fun to make some clocks. Our resident handyman Jeff cut wood in the shape of t-shirts, of course, and people volunteered to decorate them. The only rule was to have marks indicating the hours; after that, Inkers could create anything they wanted! We got back so many different styles from people in all areas of the company, not just from the art departments. They are covered in fabric, paint, collage, text, paint chips, and even one made of stained glass. The handmade clocks are on display in our gallery this month so everyone can see them before they find a permanent home in a conference room. Check them out! Read more –>


Breanna CustomInk Graphic Artist

This month’s Artist Spotlight is on Breanna, one of our Production Artists.  She has displayed some of her photo collages, which a fellow Inker described as “phosphorescent,” and I would have to agree.  The colors are luminous and the tropical subjects are a great contrast to the changing seasons.

Breanna was first inspired to create these pieces by a butterfly beach wrap from Costa Rica.  She took several photos of the wrap in segments, and then pieced them back together in Photoshop to create the collage effect.  She then layered images of fabric as overlays in combination with different Photoshop techniques to get a painterly look to her images. Read more –>


Each month one of our Inkers displays their artwork in the office gallery.  This month Nathan J. has shared his paintings and illustrations.  Nathan began working at CustomInk on our Production Art team, but now has transferred to the Sales and Service team, so he is one of our “Talk to a Real Person” persons. Read more –>


Each month I help organize an art display in our café here at the office.  This month Dustin B., one of our Production Artists, has shared his representations of iconic figures in not so iconic mediums.   Dustin has taken his love of sports and art and combined them into something truly mesmerizing. Read more –>