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Seven Benefits of Ordering Custom Swag in Bulk


So you’re thinking about ordering some custom apparel and accessories for your business. You might be wondering exactly how much custom gear you should order. While it may seem tricky to determine the quantity for your order, Custom Ink makes it easy by offering bulk orders that allow you to save more on each item you purchase. Here are some excellent benefits of ordering custom swag in bulk—from boosting morale to boosting savings. 


  • Increase Brand Awareness 

Three people looking at a laptop in a plaza wearing matching navy blue polos that say Morello Consulting.

One of the best reasons for ordering bulk swag is that the more presence your brand has, the more it will get noticed. When people wear awesome custom apparel or use cool custom accessories bearing your logo, they are essentially walking, talking billboards for your business. 

People can recommend your business’s products and services because someone innocently asked where they got their t-shirts, and word-of-mouth is a powerful marketing tool all by itself. When more people have your custom swag, the better the chances are your business will be talked about. 

  • Encourage Brand Loyalty

The other side of increasing brand awareness is customer and client loyalty. Repeat customers can be some of your greatest promoters, so keeping them happy and feeling appreciated is key. Show your customers and clients your appreciation with an annual gift or a thank you gift for a great working relationship. 

You can place a bulk order for those annual gifts so that all your customers feel your gratitude. You can also order bulk swag to keep on hand to welcome new clients or whenever you and a client reach a goal. Bulk is a fantastic choice for your customers all around.  

  • Enhance Workplace Culture 

There’s already evidence that custom gear can increase employee retention and happiness, so you can feel confident in ordering bulk swag for your whole team and then some. A workplace with a strong and inclusive culture is shown to attract and retain employees and keep them engaged. While establishing a distinct culture is not as simple as providing custom gear, it certainly plays a role. 

This is especially true if business leaders provide gifts or gear for new hires. By gifting custom apparel and accessories to new employees, your business sends a tangible message that they are not only welcome but also belong. This is also true of creating high-quality custom uniforms. Provide custom workwear that your team can feel good in all day. When you order in bulk, you’ll always have custom swag on hand to make your employees feel welcome and included.  

  • Boost Morale 

Keep your employees happy throughout the year by celebrating them with custom gear. Using custom gear to recognize and reward employees for actions, such as joining the company, staying long-term, reaching personal goals, and exhibiting other positive behavior, not only shows that a company sees the effort they’re making but also encourages other employees to do the same.  

Whether you’re celebrating a new hire, a personal best, a promotion, or a work anniversary, recognizing and rewarding your team members is vital to morale and employee happiness. You can even offer increasingly better swag for significant achievements. Ordering in bulk ensures you’ll always be ready to reward your team!    

  • Bring Custom Swag to Events

Next time you’re at a trade show, conference, or event, bring that custom swag with you to make a great impression on everyone you meet. Everyone loves free stuff, and giving people a souvenir after stopping by your table will give them something to remember you by. 

Custom Ink has a ton of custom products that are great for giveaways. You can go for small but practical items like pens and keychains or go for a premium approach with tech accessories and backpacks. Whichever way you choose to impress your audience, having enough swag to go around is essential.  

  • Make Your Marketing Memorable

With so many custom products to choose from, there are infinite ways to market your business and services memorably. You don’t have to stop at custom t-shirts—Custom Ink has a huge selection of customizable products, from hoodies and hats to Bluetooth speakers and backpacks. We’re happy to offer our entire selection of custom products in bulk so that you can have all you need when you need it. 

Think about how a product relates to your business. Perhaps you’ll choose tech accessories for your startup or aprons for your bakery. Creating a unique company logo or custom design can also make your custom bulk swag stand out.  The more memorable your custom swag is, the more it will get noticed  

  • Buy More, Save More

Of course, another great benefit of ordering bulk swag is that when you buy more, you save more. At Custom Ink, ordering in bulk maximizes your savings because the more items you order, the less you pay per item. 

Order a few extras so that you’ll have some on hand to celebrate that employee milestone or give to those few people who stopped by your table at the end of a long day at the conference. However you choose to use those extras, we’re sure you’ll be happy you have them! 


Ordering custom swag in bulk has many benefits for your business—not least of which is saving money. Next time you’re looking to order custom gear for your team, place a bulk order to boost your brand and deepen your discount.

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