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Funny Badminton Team Names for Team T-shirts

badminton team names photoLooking for a creative badminton team name? We’ve compiled a list of some funny & clever ones just for you. Check them out below and feel free to use them on some badminton t-shirts or jerseys created here at CustomInk.

Creative & Funny Badminton Team Names

    Bird is the Word

    Badminton Ballers

    ShuttleRockers / Shuttlerockettes

    You Just Got Served

    The Super Smash Blockers

    One Eyed Jacks

    The Baddies

    The Racketeers

    Pair of Aces

    Shuttle Whackers

    Bye Bye Birdie

    I’d Smash That

    The Bad Mittons

    The Birdie Buddies


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  • Arun s

    Hey this is my favorite sport, always has been. Just thought about the name ‘Goodbadders’.
    ‘Badders’ is a name used by a badminton committed group in England, so I thought this would be more interesting due to its contradictory sound.

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