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37 Men’s Group Names

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Getting together with the guys is always a good time, no matter what mischief you might make. If you’re looking for a way to take your next hangout to the next level, check out these awesome men’s group names. Once you find the perfect manly moniker, show off your brotherhood with custom t-shirts, hats, and gear that will help your group gatherings go down in history.

37 Men’s Group Names

    Close Shave

    The Other Guys

    Twelve Hangry Men

    Future Silver Foxes

    Dads Without Directions

    The Broletariat


    A Few Good Men

    The LumberJacks (and John)

    Beer Pressure

    Band of Brothers

    Male Pattern Madness

    Boys Met World (and the world won)

    The Brocomotive

    Bleacher Buds

    Guys Night Out

    Gossip Guys


    Clubbing on the Green


    Fine Fresh Fellows

    Brews Brothers

    Soggy Bottom Boys

    Boy Band Tops Forty

    The Wolf Pack

    Men Without Maps

    Two and a Third Men

    Gentleman’s Club

    Daddy’s Daycare

    Sideline Studs

    Breaking Beard

    Brew’s Your Daddy

    The Half-Windsors


    Hanging with Chads

    How I Met My Brothers


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