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Funny and Creative Drumline Sayings for T-Shirts

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Be the coolest members of your marching band by choosing one of our creative drumline team sayings below. You can add them to custom drumline t-shirts, band shirts, or band hoodies to rock out while practicing, in school, or on the field. Just pick a saying, quote, or slogan, and head into our online design lab to make your own personalized drumline creation. It’s super easy and lots of fun!

Creative and Fun Drumline T-Shirt Sayings & Slogans


    Drumline: Heartbeat of the band

    The only section that doesn’t blow.

    We march to the beat of our own drums.

    Weapons of Mass Percussion.

    We stick together!

    That’s how we roll.

    I’d tap that.

    One line, one sound.

    May the beat be with you.

    We got the beat.

    Live to drum. Drum to live.

    Add a little spice to that beat.

    Got sticks?

    Droppin’ the bass all over the place.

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