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36 Musical Theater Slogans and Sayings

Musical Theater slogans and sayings

Every performer knows the feeling of stepping out onto the stage for the first time. Next time your show goes on the road, expand your audience with custom t-shirts and gear featuring these musical theater slogans and sayings that will make your whole crew share in the spotlight.

36 Musical Theater Slogans and Sayings

    Break a leg

    There’s no business like show business

    The show must go on

    Waiting in the wings

    Chew that scenery!

    A tough act to follow

    All the world’s a stage

    Lights, curtains, action!

    I can’t, I have rehearsal

    Standing in the spotlight

    Home is where your playbills are

    Make an entrance, leave an impression

    Dream your dream

    Act like you mean it, sing like you need it

    There WILL be drama

    Showtunes are my jam

    You’re never sick until the show’s over

    You’re never fully dressed without a smile

    The smallest roles can have the biggest impacts

    Come join the chorus

    Hold that note a little longer

    Live like your name’s in lights

    Always annunciate

    Swing for the bleachers, Sing for the balcony

    Steal the show

    Take a bow

    Live for the reprise

    Everything’s bigger in the second act

    Thespians do it on the stage

    Sing for the solo

    Live life from curtain to curtain

    I’m only me when I’m acting

    Four scores from seven years ago

    I’m nothing without my pit crew

    Showtunes get stuck in my head

    Pit orchestras are my best friends

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