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31 Earth Day Team Names

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Go planet, it’s your Earth Day! How are you celebrating Earth Day this year? If you need a team name for your Earth Day clean up crew, environmental club, or green team, check out our list below. We’ve got some great team names for you to add to your Earth Day apparel. Pick your favorite, browse our customizable tees, and start designing!

31 Earth Day Team Names

    Good Planet

    Earth Wise

    Clean & Green

    Forces of Nature

    Tree Huggers

    Green Gang

    Pollution Patrol

    The Green Team

    Don’t Be Trashy

    Rebirth Our Earth

    All Organic


    Nature Nurturers


    Third Planet Crusaders

    Clean Earth

    Nature’s Beauty

    Emblems of the Earth


    Environmental Alliance

    Eco Warriors

    Green Defenders

    The Evergreens

    Love Your Mother

    Solar Power

    Climate Crew

    Peace Posse

    Triple Threat — Reduce. Reuse. Recycle.

    Planet Protectors

    Conserve 2 Preserve

    Not Mean, Just Green

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    • Marlyn Enesa

      Can we use 1 of these team names?

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      Hi Marlyn! Absolutely! We’d love for you to use one of these team names.

    • Haoying

      An I use one of your team names for a website
      (it’s a nonprofit organization)

    • Lissa Eckert

      Hey Haoying! We’d love for you to use one of our team name suggestions!

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