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Fun & Creative Color Run Sayings


Are you participating in an upcoming color run and need a creative saying or slogan for your personalized color run apparel? We’ve put together a list of clever, funny, and inspiring sayings just for you. So take a look, pick your favorite, and inspire your color run team to reach for the rainbows!

Fun & Creative Color Run Sayings

    50 Shades of Awesome

    Blank Canvas

    Color Me Crazy

    Get Running or Dye Tryin’

    Live Life in Color

    Color, Sweat, & Cheers

    Throw Happiness Around Like Confetti

    Do or Dye

    Chase the Rainbow

    Color Outside the Lines

    Rave You to the Finish

    We Sweat Rainbows

    Be a Pop of Color!

    These Colors Don’t Run. Oh Wait…

    When Life Hands You Color… Run With It!

    The Greater the Storm, the Brighter the Rainbow

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