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Top 10 Creative and Funny Archery Quotes

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TOP 10 Funny and Creative Archery Quotes & Sayings

Deep breath in, aim, exhale, and … just missed! Don’t worry, although we all can’t be “Hawkeye”, we can ensure a “bull’s-eye” with our TOP 10 creative and funny archery quotes and sayings. So go ahead, grab another arrow out of the quiver and just try and miss! (Seriously, how awesome would it be to be Hawkeye!).

    1. Tug on my bowstrings

    2. Aim high, and let her fly

    3. I don’t wear bows, I shoot them

    4. Keep Calm and Shoot Straight

    5. No shot is hard to make, it’s just easier to miss

    6. Eat, Sleep, Archery, Repeat

    7. I Can’t Keep Calm, It’s Bow Season

    8. Oh, you meant THAT target

    9. Grip It, Rip It, Put it in the Wind!

    10. You need to learn to be slow in a hurry

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