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Wicked Wine Run Team Names


Wicked Wine Runs are taking the nation by storm! Experience isn’t a must-have for this fun fueled race— avid runners, wine lovers, and couch potatoes alike are welcome to participate. The only requirements? A funky costume and a healthy love of vino!

CustomInk is here to help with whatever you need to perfect your Wicked Wine Run costume. From t-shirts, to performance wear, to fanny packs, we’re ready to outfit your team with the perfect customized gear!

If your group hasn’t landed on the perfect team name, check out the list of fun Wicked Wine Run Team Names we’ve come up with!

Wicked Wine Run Team Names

    Wicked & Winey

    Your Wine or Mine?

    Riesling Runners

    Proud to Wine

    Pinot, Vino, Wine-o

    Wine for the Money

    Sauvignon Sippin’

    Go for Merlot!

    Grigio Goddesses

    Perfectly Paired

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