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Funny & Creative Cricket Team Names

Cricket Team Names Photo- Spartans
You might be surprised, but we get a large amount of custom apparel orders for cricket teams here at Custom Ink, even though we’re based in the U.S. So to aid you in your quest to find a clever cricket team name, we’ve compiled a list of our favorites used by past customers along with extensive research. So if you’re in need of a funny team names for your personalized cricket t-shirts or custom jerseys, feel free to pick from our list below.

Clever & Creative Cricket Team Names for Jerseys

    The Sticky Wickets

    Jiminy Cricket

    Crease Monkeys

    Master Batters

    Kiss my Chaminda Vaas

    Cow Cornerned

    Wicket Witches of the West

    The Spartan Strikers

    Scared Shotless

    Gone Batty

    Royal Strikers

    The Filthy Crickets

    Crazy Cricketeers

    11 Musketeers

    Cricket City

    Sons of Pitches

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