Slogans & Sayings

32 Laboratory Slogans and Sayings

Laboratory Slogans and Sayings

Whether you’re mixing up new concoctions or simply proving a hypothesis, working in the lab allows you and your team to be on the cutting edge of scientific development. Through rigorous testing, we’ve found that custom t-shirts and masks are the best way to celebrate your lab workers. While you’re at it, consider these awesome laboratory slogans and sayings to help make each trial more exciting.

32 Laboratory Slogans and Sayings

Laboratory Professionals get results

Lab-tested, fun approved

Lab blinded me with science

Putting the scientific method to test

All the world is a laboratory to the inquiring mind

A tidy lab means a lazy chemist

Keep calm and experiment on

It’s better with beakers

Lab: Turning hypotheses into theories

What did YOU discover today?

I’ve done my research

Hands-on science for adults

We can test that

If at first you don’t succeed, run another trial

Get out of my laboratory!

My other lab is a secret, underground lab

Mad scientist working

The mind is the real laboratory

My best friends are lab rats

Lab rats are a-maze-ing

Analyze this!

Test twice label once

I care about all of my specimens

Bunson burners turn me on

This lab has gone 0 days without releasing a plague

We play with chemicals

Chemistry is like cooking, except you can’t lick the spoon

Measure twice, only explode once

The only names I remember are chemicals

Lab is where the real work gets done

The only place it’s ok to play with fire

Like modern-day witches, but cooler

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