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30 Dorm Name Ideas

Dorm Names

On-campus housing is an adventure that almost every college student has experience with. You meet new people, learn new ways of living, and get an immediate set of friends—if only by proximity. Make the most of dormitory living with this list of dorm name ideas and bring your floor or building even closer with custom t-shirts and masks that will help everyone survive the semester.

30 Dorm Name Ideas


Sleep and Study

Fort Freshmen

College Cribs


Easy Living

Campus Castle

Roomed and Bored

The Bullpen

All Greek To Me

Mansion of Men

Bed No Breakfast

Group Projects

Testing Grounds

Live and Learn

Living Together

The Melting Pot

Dirty Laundry

Care Package Delivery Center

Cellblock 7

Randomly Assigned Roommates

The Suite Life

Five Stars

The Room

4 Walls and a Roof

Rooms with A+ Views

Sharing Spaces

Study Hall

The Haunted Hall

Degrees of Separation

The Breakfast Club

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