5 Facebook Tips from Successful Organizers

We asked our successful Organizers to share their Facebook posting strategies with us so we could create a 5 step plan for you! Whether you are a potential new Organizer or you are looking to re-launch a campaign even more successful than your last, let these 5 Tips get you started.

Announce It

Your launch post should be clear and direct. Describe the cause you are raising money for and include the link to your campaign page so your supporters can easily purchase a shirt. Explain why this cause means so much to you, and ask your friends to share the link with their own Facebook friends to maximize exposure.

Organizer Julia Dervetski sold 58 shirts and raised $840 for her campaign Randy Dervetski Cancer Fund, stating “about 98% of funds raised were directly due to advertising the Booster campaign to friends and family on Facebook! The end result is overwhelming (in a good way)!”

randy cancer fund

Give an Update

You should be posting on Facebook every couple days to ensure that you are reeling in as many supporters as you can. Change up your posts so not every one is exactly the same.

One idea is posting a video update; record a short video talking about what the cause means to you and urging your supporters to buy a shirt and donate. Another idea is to tag your friends in your posts! Tagging them (using @) ensures that they will see your post and encourages them to support you.

Enid Cruz sold 566 shirts and raised $12,070 for his campaign Team Diego, revealing “I posted to Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram on a daily basis.”

team diego

Game-ify your Post

Time to put the “fun” in fundraising. Ok, it’s true, people love to compete…but they love to win even more. Take advantage of this fact and engage your supporters in some friendly competition!

One popular idea if you have supporters located all over the country is to hold a region based competition. See who can purchase the most shirts (East vs. West, North vs. South) and their regional pride will takeover and sell the shirts for you. Another idea is to see which of your Facebook friends can refer the most people to buy a shirt and offer the winner a prize.

Organizer Tiger Coffman sold 68 shirts and raised $1,150 for his campaign Tiger Coffman Ministries, disclosing “I mentioned on Facebook and Twitter that with every shirt ordered their name was put in a raffle drawing for a $25 Visa gift card!” 

tiger coffman

Share with Groups with Similar Interests

There are hundreds of thousands of existing Facebook groups, so you can only imagine the span of different interests among those. Search for groups that may seem interested in supporting your cause and post your campaign link for them to access! This is an incredible way to reach outside of your inner circle of friends and family.

Organizer Sue Lynch sold 107 shirts and raised $2,200 for her campaign Havok’s Legacy using this method. “I posted information about the cause on my Facebook Page and several Facebook Group Pages that were interest based groups dedicated to Doberman Pinschers. Social media is a very powerful tool, especially when it is a cause like cancer which touches so many people.” 

havok's legacy

Last Day Push

Don’t write off the last day of your campaign! A strong closing post can really make all the difference. Make sure to thank your supporters and mention how much you have raised so far, but detail that there is still time left. Give a precise deadline (11:59 PM tonight!) to draw in any last minute supporters.

To create an even more effective closing push, you can create a countdown series. For the last 3 or 5 days of your campaign, post every single day and make it known that there are 3 days/2 days/1 day left. Make sure these posts use very motivating language in order to convert all your friends into supporters!

Organizer Greg Glidden sold 89 shirts and raise $1,750 for his campaign Priority 1 Ministries T-shirt Fundraiser. “We did specific countdown posts the final 3 days, and our last day was by far the most successful. We got purchases up until 10 pm on the final day!”

priority 1 ministries

So there you have it! A comprehensive, 5 step Facebook plan to help boost your campaign success. Facebook really is the greatest and most effective tool to gain supporters and raise money for your cause, so even if you don’t follow this plan to a tee (hah!), you should definitely post as much as you can.

If you want to keep up with what’s going on at Booster and learn about new campaigns or new features, like our Facebook page here!

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    • Kelly Green

      I need some advice on making my t-shirts so I can get people to want to get one and help with donations. My granddaughter, Amanda, is in a foster home and will be there until we can finish with repairs around our home. She is a 4 year old, with a form of cerebral palsy, that she developed at birth from brain damage that she developed from breathing problems at birth. One half of her brain does not work.
      This is why I put to let’s save Amanda. Is there another way that I can say this that will be better at helping get our message out? Please give me some suggestions because obviously what I am using is just not grabbing anyone to help us.

    • Tina Chavez

      How do I post my t-shirt on fb?

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