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Motivational Martial Arts Quotes and Sayings

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Karate chop your way to the top with one of these inspiring martial arts sayings. They’re a great way to keep you and your fellow fighters motivated. Plus, they’ll be a great add to a custom t-shirt for any martial arts studio, competition, or event. If you have a favorite martial arts slogan or quote, share it in the comments section!

10 Motivational Martial Arts Quotes and Sayings

    The More You Sweat In Practice, The Less You Bleed In Battle

    Headed for Black, Not Lookin’ Back

    Courage First. Power Second. Technique Third.

    Find the Fighter in You

    There are two rules for being successful in martial arts. Rule 1: Never tell others everything you know.

    A Black Belt is a White Belt Who Never Gave Up

    Seek Respect

    I Don’t Need a Weapon…I Am One

    The Expert in Anything was Once a Beginner

    Fall Seven Times, Stand Up Eight – Japanese Proverb

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