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20 Ethics Bowl Slogans

Ethics Bowl students posing in their school before a tournament

For students searching for a chance to think critically about their beliefs, Ethics Bowl is a great opportunity to help prepare for higher-level engagement in moral arguments about real-world issues. The official National High School Ethics Bowl and Intercollegiate Ethics Bowl have students form teams where they must think and reason through topical ethical questions together. Unlike Debate Club, where the teams are given one position to defend, Ethics Bowls require the participants to choose their side and come up with a strong case for their position through critical thinking and engagement with the opposing team’s views. If you or your students need a good way to show off their Ethics Bowl team spirit, why not create some matching t-shirts,  hoodies, or water bottles with one of these catchy slogans?

Ethics Bowl Slogans

We’re In This Together

Compassionate Discourse

Think, Collaborate, and Listen—Ethics Bowl

Rules are meant to be studied, scrutinized, and re-evaluated

Civic Engagement and Critical Thinking? Sign me up!

Ethics Bowl — Like Debate Club, but personal

Defending what I believe is right with Ethics Bowl

Putting opinions to good use with Ethics Bowl

I’m always open to a good argument

Building Future Leaders

Analyze your assumptions and back up your beliefs

There’s never a better time for deep thinking

Yes, but why?

Let’s Get Ethical

Check Yourself Before Your Ethics Yourself

You Know I’m Right


What is Right and Why

Respectfully why you’re wrong—Ethics Bowl

Empowering Leadership’s Next Generation


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