Slogans & Sayings

32 Key Club Slogans and Sayings

Key Club Slogans and Sayings

As the oldest and largest student-led service program for high school students, Key Club gives it’s members a unique opportunity to be leaders in their community through service. It promotes the ideals of caring and working together in order to unite the people around us and overcome any obstacle. When it comes to connecting with your fellow key club members, there’s nothing better than matching custom t-shirts and masks to exemplify everything your members stand for. Add even more fun with these awesome Key Club slogans and sayings.

32 Key Club Slogans and Sayings

Unlock your potential

Leadership through service

Improving the world one project at a time

Service is the key to great communities

Open the way forward

Keep calm and volunteer

Unlocking new opportunities

The key to success is here

Student led, student run

Leading by example

Why make keys when you can make a difference?

There’s no door we can’t open

Volunteering is the key

We volunteered before Katniss made it cool

We pave the way for future generations

Serve now, play later

Leading by example

Unlock the secret to success

Taking the first steps toward a brighter tomorrow

Youth in motion

We rise by lifting others

Finding a key to every problem

Leadership opens every door

Opening up our communities

Together we can open any lock

Putting others first

Academics in action

Learning how to lead

Students in service

What’s the cut of your key?

Caring is our way of life

Our keys and rules are golden

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