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34 Robotics Team Sayings and Slogans

Robotics Team


Reading, Writing, Arithmetic…and Robotics! Many schools now proudly sponsor their own robotics team or club, and what better way to display the electric feel of teamwork than with matching team gear? Show off your camaraderie and team spirit with custom shirts and masks!

34 Robotics Team Sayings & Slogans


We’re engineered to win

Robotics teams build the future

The future is now

Join the Robolution!

Our robotics crew is geared for success

Crank up the power!

A few lines of code can change so much

Who needs friends? We’ve got robots!

Robotics Club: Bringing the future to the masses

A.I. love robotics club

Robotics Club: STEAM-powered

Robotics Team: Techy and we know it

Robotics—So shiny and chrome

Robotics: The real heavy metal club

Our robotics team kicks ro-butt

Robotics: It’s designed to do that

Teamwork makes the STEAM dream work

Our robots never sleep

I love the smell of WD-40 in the morning

Robotics: Tech yourself before you wreck yourself

My robot can beat up your robot

Why drive cars when you could be driving robots?

The club of the future: Robotics!

This machine goes up to 11

Robotics Club: There aren’t any lasers…YET

We rock with heavy metal

Eat, Sleep, Robots

Building. Coding. Friends. Pizza. Robots.

Why play with sportsballs when you can play with robots?

My robot ate my homework

To err is human; to whirr is robot

Building (and programming and soldering) a brighter future with robots

One team. One robot. Limitless possibilities.

A little bit of engineering and a lot of elbow grease

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