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33 Quiz Bowl Sayings

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A Quiz Bowl is a type of academic tournament that takes place in a school setting, from elementary school to college. Teams of students compete against each other to see who can correctly answer challenging questions in subjects such as math, science, history, or current events. The competitions can range from small local meetups to nationwide events like the NAQT’s Intercollegiate Championship Tournament. Whether your Quiz Bowl team needs to rep their spirit at school or on the national stage, creating some custom tees and hoodies can build up that club camaraderie!

Quiz Bowl Slogans

Finally putting all my pointless knowledge to good use!

What’s the buzz? Oh, it’s just Quiz Bowl season

Why yes, I do voluntarily enjoy taking verbal quizzes in a competitive setting

It’s all fun and games except when it’s a battle of wits. Then I take it seriously.

Who needs the Super Bowl, I have Quiz Bowl

Quiz Bowl: All that time spent memorizing random facts is paying off!

Young, scrappy, and nerdy

Finally, a sport worth watching!

It’s not my fault, it’s the buzzer’s fault

Think first, buzz fast

It’s all geek to me

Natural Born Quizzer

Geeks of the world, unite!

It’s not about whether you win or lose, it’s about how many nerdy references you can work in

This IS my Quiz Bowl sports jersey

My favorite sportsball is Quiz Bowl

Quiz Bowl: Join the dork side

The only muscle I need to work out is in my thumb

Who needs friends when you’ve got your Quiz Bowl team?

The real power comes from within! …your brain.

You call it homework, I call it Quiz Bowl

Buzz Buzz Buzz

Star (Academic) Athlete

Looking forward to some brainy weather

I came, I buzzed, I conquered

Quiz Bowl: Almost as good as Puppy Bowl

I’m the star quarterback for my school’s Quiz Bowl team

You say buzzkill like it’s a bad thing, but I’m killing it on the buzzer

Brains are so HOT right now

The Brainy Bunch

We’ve got it all: Brains, lightning-fast reflexes, and brains

Sure, you can catch a football, but do you know which famous ruler was married to Hildegard of Vinzgouw?

Think before you buzz

Being booksmart is just the start


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