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Funny Slogans & Sayings to Design a Can Cooler

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Started from the Top, Now I’m Here

Are you familiar with Drake and his song “Started from the Bottom”? I’m not going to link you to it here because I’m trying to keep this PG, but let’s just say it’s about rising to the top through adversity. This design is not about that. Unless you consider keeping your drink cold despite the sweltering summer heat overcoming adversity. If that’s the case then I guess this counts. What this one is actually saying is that it is almost time for another drink because when you first opened the bottle the beverage was filled to the top, but now look, it’s almost at the bottom. Good on you for staying hydrated, grab yourself another bottle from the cooler!

Opinions Are Coming

Talking about Game of Thrones is as dangerous as crossing Cersei Lannister. Everyone has an opinion about the things that happened in the show and they are not afraid to share it, especially after this contentious final season. No matter how you feel about a certain turn of events, it’s easy to turn a quick comment into a heated discussion, especially where Daenerys is involved. That’s where this one comes in handy. Not only does it keep your drink as cold as the North, it’s also a great reminder that everyone has different opinions about the show and they’re willing to go to war for them. So go grab your Master of Whispers, and let the games begin.

Snappy Comeback Loading

Have you ever heard the phrase “l’esprit de l’escalier”? Believe it or not, it’s not something I just made up and is actually a real French phrase that means “the wit of the staircase.” This describes the very common phenomenon of thinking of a perfect comeback after it’s much too late to use it. Fun! If you’re one of those people who can only think of witty responses a day later in the shower, this one presents you with a brand new option. Simply hold up your can cooler to let everyone know that you are about to say something super clever, you just haven’t quite figured it out yet. This clever maneuver is both a witty retort in its own right and distracts everyone else just long enough for you to impress them with a remark that otherwise would have washed down the drain.

Volume v. Time

When you’re holding a can and talking about volume, there are usually two distinct possibilities as to what you might be referring to. As a container designed to hold liquid, you might be talking about the remaining liquid in the can or perhaps the total amount of liquid the can is able to hold. If you’re at a party though, it’s much more likely that you’re talking about how loud the music is, or the fact that your friend is yelling instead of talking. This one deals with the latter. Its design also features a bar graph that resembles audio levels just to prevent confusion as to exactly which type of volume it’s referring to, so you can spend less time guessing and more time turning the music up to drown out your friend.

Cold Drinks, Warm Palms

Crashing waves, jumping dolphins, and a refreshing ocean breeze—there’s no better place to relax and enjoy a nice, cold drink than the beach. With this one, you can bring the beach with you no matter where you choose to vacation this summer. If you get too hot, just ask some of the taller members of your group to stand around you and create some shade, and maybe sway a little. Now isn’t that nice?

Fragile (Up)

At first glance, it appears that there is a major problem here, but don’t worry, this one isn’t actually upside down. See, the best part of this design is that it’s easiest to read while you’re enjoying a delicious drink. Whenever anyone asks you what it says, just tip your bottle up and take another sip. Just remember that any boxes bearing a similar design should not be flipped upside down for any reason unless you are prepared to spend a lot of time super gluing priceless family heirlooms back together. Sorry, Grandma.

Golden Ticket

Ok, I’m not sure what kind of access this one actually gives you, but it might be just the ticket to get your group together for something amazing. After all, it has everything you could ever want. Let’s look at the facts. One, people love shiny stuff. Two, it has a clever design pun. Three, there’s a chance you’re going to get invited to a fantastic chocolate factory. The chance might be small, but are you really willing to take that risk? I know I’m not.

This is My Cruisey

If you’ve ever been on a cruise you know that everyone walks around in a swimsuit no matter where they go. This is great when you’re working on your tan, but unfortunately, this most likely leaves you without a pocket in which to keep important things like money, sunglasses, and that room key you’ve lost twice already. Lucky for you, this clever one features a convenient pocket so you can carry your essentials around from port to starboard. (Yes, your drink is one of the essentials.)

Can’t Adult Today

When you’re a kid, it seems like adults know everything. As you grow up, you realize that’s not quite true. We’re all just doing the best we can with what we know. Eventually, everyone needs a day off from being an adult, and this one is the perfect way to let people know you’re taking a well-deserved vacation day from the stress of having grown-up responsibilities. Relax, those bills aren’t due yet anyway.

Totally Koalafied

Do you know what truly embodies the spirit of relaxation? A koala. These adorable little animals sleep up to 20 hours every day, often falling asleep in the same tree where they are eating. If you’re looking for a way to show people that you are ready to relax like a koala, let them know that you have the right “koalafications” with this adorable design. To top it all off, this one features a convenient pocket so you can keep your most essential items within arm’s reach—because standing up is overrated. So chill out, chow down, and soak in that warm, summer sun. How’s that for a relaxing way to spend the day?

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