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22 Academic Decathlon Slogans

Posted By Kate Degen

Academic decathlon slogans

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22 Academic Decathlon Slogans

    I said, I’m going to USAD.

    Brains and brawn.


    Going for gold.

    Academics are my sport.

    We’re disciplined.

    Math & science & arts & music & literature & languages.

    Super kids ready for the super quiz.

    Put our brains together.

    Keep calm and academic decathlon.

    Science nerds & music geniuses.

    Striving for excellence.

    9 going the whole 9.

    Pushing the limits.

    9 brains are better than 1.

    Teamwork, excellence, and a little bit of awesome.

    Decathlon is life.

    You say nerd, I say intellectual champion.

    Knowledge is power.

    “An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.” —Benjamin Franklin

    Scholar back girl.

    It’s an honor(s).

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