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400 Tree Service Names to Branch Out Your Business

Six folded polo shirts with tree service names on the left chest area.

A memorable business name for your tree service can be crucial to its success. It’s an excellent opportunity to capture your brand’s essence and leave a lasting impression on potential customers. When it comes to tree service names, a great name is like a robust root system that supports the growth of your business. 

Whether you choose a name with a playful pun or one that exhibits your commitment to quality, it should be distinctive enough that potential customers will remember it when they need your services. But what makes tree company names genuinely memorable? We’ve provided 400 tree service name ideas to help you get started!

Tree Trimming Service Names

1. Trim Masters

2. Precision Pruners

3. Tree Trimming Experts 

4. ProTrim Tree Services 

5. Evergreen Experts

6. Top Notch Tree Trimmers

7. Trim Solutions 

8. Trim Craft

9. Pristine Pruners Tree Trimming Service 

10. Pristine Pines Tree Trimming 

11. Elite Tree Trimmers 

12. Cutting Edge Tree Trimming Services 

13. Trim Crafters

14. Trim Wise 

15. Tree Sculptors

16. Limb Life Savers 

17. Tree Trim Pros

18. Swaying Palm Tree Trimming 

19. Breezy Tree Trimming 

20. Beneath the Pines Tree Trimming

21. The Giving Tree Trimming Services

22. Silver Lining Tree Trimming

23. Autumn Leaves Tree Trimming

24. Timeless Tree Trimming 

25. Urban Tree Trimmers 

26. Cypress Tree Trimming Services 

27. Serene Tree Trimming 

28. Tranquil Tree Trimming 

29. Top of the Line Tree Trimming Services 

30. Branch Managers Tree Trimming 

31. Branch Busters

32. Branching Out Tree Care

33. Canopy Care Crew

34. Canopy Caretakers

35. Canopy Kings Tree Services 

36. Canopy Masters

37. Leaf and Limb Love 

38. Leaf and Limb Professionals

39. Leaf Legacy Masters 

40. Leaf Legacy Tree Services

41. Leaf Love Tree Services

42. Leafy Labyrinth Tree Care

43. Leafy Legends Tree Service

44. Leafy Loft Tree Trimming Services

45. Leafy Oasis Tree Care

46. Lush Canopy Care

47. Lush Leaves Tree Care

48. Old Growth Guardians Tree Trimming

49. Pine Perfection Tree Care

50. Prime Pruners Tree Trimming

51. Proactive Pine Tree Trimming

52. Shady Tree Trimming Services

53. Sturdy Branch Tree Trimming

54. Tree Trimming Titans

55. Tree Rangers Tree Trimming

56. Tree’s Company Tree Timmers

57. Enchanting Tree Trimmers

58. Tree Trimming Wizards

59. Tree Queens

60. Timber Tree Trimming

61. Branch Masters

62. Tree Trimming Clinic

63. Trim Line Specialists

64. Branch Sculptors 

65. Trim Tech Solutions

66. The Tree Trimming Techs

67. Tapestry Tree Trimming

68. Tender Touch Tree Trimming

69. Tranquil Tree Technicians

70. Tree Artisans

71. Bark and Branch Tree Trimming

72. Branch Brilliance Tree Trimming

Stump Removal Service Names

73. Roots Stump Removal Service

74. Root to Crown Stump Removal

75. Stump Removers

76. Stump Disposal 

77. Stump Crushers 

78. Strong Roots Stump Removal

79. Woodstock Stump Removal 

80. Uprooted Stump Removal 

81. Stump Extractors 

82. Stump Terminators 

83. Stump Erasers 

84. Stump Be Gone

85. Stump Out 

86. Cedar Care Stump Removal 

87. Lumber Lords Tree Care

88. Lumber Lovers Tree Service

89. Lumber Luminary Tree Service

90. Lumberjacks Tree Care

91. Majestic Roots Stump Removal

92. Mighty Oak Stump Removal

93. Root for the Home Team Stump Removal 

94. Root Revival Stump Removal

95. Root Revivers

96. Rooted Excellence Stump Removal

97. Stellar Stump Removal

98. StrongBark Stump Removal

99. Stump Stars Services

100. Stump Removal Savants

101. Stumped No More Stump Removal

102. Sturdy Stump Removal

103. Superior Stump Removal

104. A Root Awakening Stump Removal

105. The Mighty Chucks Stump Removers

106. Stump Eliminators 

107. Stump Removal Solutions

108. Stump Vanishers

109. Tree Stump Masters

110. Stump Grinders Anonymous 

111. Stump and Trunk Specialists

112. Superior Stump Services

113. The Royal Trunk Tree Service

114. Stump It Out 

115. Bark Brilliance Stump Removal 

116. Bark to Basics Stump Removal

117. Forbidden Root Stump Removal

118. Root 66 Stump Removal

119. Root Camp Stump Removal 

120. Root Sonata Stump Removal 

121. 21 Stump Street

122. Stump and Dump

123. Stump Hunters

124. Stump Obliterators 

125. Stump Wreckers

126. Don’t Get Stumped Stump Removal

127. The Root of it All Stump Removal 

128. Humpty Stumpty Stump Removal

Tree service workers on the job in their custom gear.

Arborist Business Names 

129. Arbor Artisans 

130. Magnolia Arborists

131. Tree Line Arborists  

132. Golden Leaves Arborists

133. Tree of Life Arborists

134. Willow Arborist Services 

135. True Colors Aborist Services 

136. Elegant Arborists 

137. Absolute Arborist Services 

138. Acclaimed Arborist Services 

139. The Arborist Society 

140. The Arborist Collective 

141. Arborist Artists 

142. Arborist Alliance 

143. All Seasons Arborists 

144. Arbor Ace Tree Services 

145. Arbor Aces 

146. Arbor Advocates

147. Arbor Aegies Tree Care

148. Arbor Allies

149. Arbor Anthem Tree Care

150. Arbor Antics

151. Arbor Ascend Services 

152. Arbor Aura Tree Care

153. Arbor Authority

154. Arbor Barber

155. Arbor Bloom Tree Care

156. Arbor Day All Day

157. Arbor Care Architects 

158. Arbor Care Tree Services 

159. ArborArt Tree Service 

160. Arboreal Artisans 

161. Arboreal Astronauts

162. Arborist Artistry

163. Arborlife Tree Services 

164. ArborLife Tree Services 

165. Leaf Love Arborists

166. Leafy Haven Tree Services

167. Leafy Legacy Arbor

168. Lush Leaves Arborists

169. Majestic Arborists

170. Mighty Oak Arborists

171. Nature’s Arborists

172. Royal Oak Arborists

173. Rooted Rhapsody Arborists

174. Shady Grove Arborists

175. Sylvan Arborists

176. Timber Guardians Arborists

177. Arborist Brigade

178. Arbor Illuminati

179. Arborist Odyssey

180. Arborist Solutions

181. Evergreen Arborists

182. Canopy Keepers

183. Canopy Craft

184. Urban Arborists

185. Arborist Inspiration

186. Awesome Arborists

187. Tree Care Experts

188. Blossom Branch Arborists

189. Lush and Green Arborist Solutions

190. Evergreen Enthusiasts 

191. Forest Fable Tree Care

192. Friendly Tree Folks

193. In-tree-guing Arborists

194. Attentive Arborists

Tree Surgeon Business Names

195. Tree Therapy 

196. Canopy Climbers 

197. TreesRX

198. Tree Techs, Inc. 

199. TreeVitalize Tree Surgeons 

200. Tree Top Surgeons 

201. Leaf No Trace Tree Services 

202. Leaf Me in Stitches Tree Services 

203. Oak Optimizers Tree Surgeons 

204. Root and Branch Tree Surgeons

205. Rooted Resilience Tree Surgeons

206. Sky High Tree Surgeons

207. Skyline Tree Surgeons

208. Skyward Tree Surgeons

209. Sylvan Shadow Tree Surgeons

210. Superior Spruce Tree Surgeons

211. Mighty Oaks Tree Surgeons

212. The Tree Crafters

213. Timber Time Machine

214. Tree Surgical Experts 

215. The Tree Doctors

216. Tree Surgeon General

217. Tree Medics

218. Tree Life Specialists 

219. Canopy Surgeons

220. EverBranch Tree Surgeons

221. LeafLine Tree Surgeons

222. Leaf Inspectors 

223. Tree Technicians 

224. Tree Treatment Specialists

225. Branches and Boughs Tree Surgeons

226. Green Tree Surgeons

227. Eco Elm Tree Experts

228. Elevated Tree Surgeons

229. Evergreen Tree Surgeons

230. Elite Tree Surgeons

231. Green Giant Tree Surgeons

232. Forest Glade Tree Surgeons

233. Forest Flourish Tree Surgeons

234. Green Thumb Tree Surgeons

235. Tree Surgeons Clinic

236. Spruce Springsteen: Tree Surgeon

237. ArborScape Surgeons

238. GreenLeaf Tree Surgeons

239. Arbor Medics

240. TreeSense Surgeons

241. Vital Tree Surgeons

242. Precision Tree Surgeons

243. Tree Resuscitators 

244. Timber Surgeons

245. Maple Medics

246. Sequoia Surgeons

247. Bark and Bloom Tree Surgeons

248. Elite Elm Tree Services 

249. Everlasting Elm Tree Surgeons

250. Splendid Spruce Surgeons

251. Innovative Tree Surgeons

252. Canopy Cure Tree Surgeons

Three workers posing in front of a work truck with a custom decal for their business called Leaf It to Me.

Funny Tree Service Names

253. Take It or Leaf It Tree Trimmers

254. Out on a Limb Tree Trimming Service

255. Family Tree Services 

256. Trim and Proper Tree Service

257. Branch Out Tree Service 

258. Treet Yourself Tree Service 

259. We Hate Trees, Inc.

260. Tree Huggers, Inc. 

261. Trim Down Tree Services 

262. Keep It Trim 

263. We Make Trees Our Beeches 

264. The Tree Troopers 

265. Stump Stunners Inc. 

266. Tree-lepathy Tree Services 

267. Swipe Right on Timber 

268. Fake Plastic Tree Service 

269. Trees of Eden 

270. Leaf it to Us! 

271. Unbe-leaf-able Tree Services 

272. Tree-mendous Tree Services 

273. Turn Over a New Leaf Tree Services 

274. Feeling Pine Tree Services 

275. High Quali-tree Tree Services 

276. Amp-leaf-ied Tree Services 

277. Syc-no More Tree Surgeons 

278. Throwing Shade Tree Service

279. Bough Wow Tree Care

280. Can’t See the Forest? Call Us

281. Cedar Later Tree Services 

282. Chainsaws and Chill Tree Service

283. Chop It Like It’s Hot

284. Leaf and Let Live Tree Care

285. Leaf It Be Tree Service 

286. Leaf It to Chuck Norris Tree Care

287. Leaf Laugh Love Tree Services

288. Leaf the Details to Us! 

289. Lord of the Rings Tree Service

290. Lumberjacks and Jills

291. No Bark, All Bite Tree Service 

292. Oak-y Dokey Tree Service

293. Palm and Circumstance Tree Care

294. Palm-edy Central Tree Care

295. Pine and Dandy Tree Care

296. Pine in the Sky Tree Care

297. Rootin’ Tootin’ Tree Service

298. Sappy Endings Tree Service

299. Sappy Ever After Tree Service

300. Sappy Go Lucky Tree Service

301. Stump Up the Jam Tree Service

302. Stumped? We Can Help

303. Timberrrrrrrrrr Tree Care

304. Gluten-Tree Diet Tree Care

305. Olly Olly Oxen Tree Care

306. Live Tree or Die Hard Tree Experts

307. Tree Willy Tree Care

308. The Bark Side Tree Services

309. A Nightmare on Elm Street Tree Service

310. The Groot Squad Tree Experts 

311. The Lumber Games

312. The Tree Amigos 

313. The Tree Musketeers

314. The Tree Stooges

315. Stop Your Timber Tantrum

316. Wood Fellas Tree Service

317. Wood You Rather Tree Service

318. Leaf Executive Officers

319. The Executive Branch

320. Birch, Please Tree Service

321. Fir Real Tree Service

322. Bark Side of the Moon Tree Service

323. Fir and Loathing Tree Service

324. Illus-tree-ous Tree Care

Catchy Tree Service Names 

325. Branch Beautifiers 

326. Evergreen Edge

327. Limb Legends

328. Canopy Clippers

329. Tree Trimming Troopers 

330. Branch Busters

331. Canopy Cutting Collective 

332. Timber Tree Services 

333. Spruce Up Tree Services 

334. Leaf and Bark Tree Care

335. Tree Whisperers 

336. Woodland Wizards

337. Bountiful Branches Tree Care

338. Chainsaw Chatter Tree Service

339. Chop Til Your Drop Tree Care

340. Chop to It Tree Services

341. Leafy Luminary Services

342. Leafy Luxuriance Tree Service

343. Limb-itless Tree Services

344. Lumberjack Flash Tree Services

345. Lumberjack Legends

346. Lumberjack of All Trades Tree Care

347. Majestic Maple Tree Maintenance 

348. Majestic Tree Masters

349. Majestic Tree Menders

350. Mighty Maple Tree Care

351. Might Maple Masters

352. Nature’s Caretakers

353. Nature’s Guardians

354. Nature’s Nest Tree Care

355. Nature’s Nobility Tree Care

356. Nature’s Nurturers 

357. Needle and Pine Tree Services

358. No Tree Too Tall Tree Services

359. Noble Nature Tree Service

360. Noble Nest Tree Services

361. Palm Bomb Tree Care

362. Pine and Dine Tree Care

363. Pine Time Tree Care

364. Royal Roots Tree Care

365. Royal Tree Experts

366. Sappy Happenings Tree Experts

367. Sequoia Sentinel Tree Services

368. Tree Line Tree Trimming

369. Soaring Tree Solutions

370. Stellar Sapling Tree Service

371. Stump Removal in Style

372. Sycamore Saviors

373. Sylvan Sage Services

374. Sylvan Symphony Tree Services

375. Tree’s Knees Tree Care

376. The Tree Agents

377. Young, Wild, and Tree Services

378. Timber Time Machine

379. Timber Tamers

380. Tree Care Collective

381. Willow Whisperers

382. Timberland Tree Tenders 

383. Timber Professionals

384. Arbor Works

385. Tree Tribe

386. Tree Works

387. Tree Craft

388. Arbor Edge

389. Tree Vibe Specialists

390. Sage Tree Solutions

391. Leaf Pro Services

392. Trunk Experts

393. Green Leaf Experts 

394. Urban Tree Specialists

395. Evergreen Tree Savers

396. Ever Branch Tree Services

397. Treetop Experts

398. Bark to Basics Tree Care

399. Barking Up the Right Tree Care

400. Laughing Lumberjacks Tree Service

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