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Funny & Creative Golf Team Names

Golf Team Names PhotoLooking for a clever or funny team name for your upcoming tournament or golf outing? We’ve compiled a list of some of our favorite team names just for you. Feel free to pick one that speaks to you and consider us as your destination for custom golf shirts or other high-quality polos for your golf team.

    How’s My Driving?

    Par-Tee On

    19th Hole or Bust

    The Bogey Boys

    Grip it n’ Rip It

    Team Putt Putt

    A Stroke of Luck

    Dirty Birdies

    T.F.I.G. (Thank Friday It’s Golf)

    Who’s Your Caddy?

    Designated Drivers

    I’d Tap That

    The Hole in None’s

    The Ultimate Drive

    Keep Calm & Shark On

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