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Creative Rowing Sayings & Slogans for Your Crew Team

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Looking for a creative or funny crew team saying for your rowing t-shirts or crew sweatshirts? We’ve compiled a list of some of our favorites from customer orders, along with a few we came up with on our own. Check them out, and consider using ours to make your own custom rowing tank tops, t-shirts, or any other gear today!

Funny & Creative Rowing Slogans/Sayings

    Row hard or row home.

    Chests Up, Hearts Open.

    That’s how we row.

    I like big boats and I cannot lie.

    Athletes row, everyone else plays games.

    If you’re one of us, then row with us.

    One catch. One boat. One team.

    Start strong. Finish stronger.

    Rebels without a pause.

    Paddle til it hurts.

    Races are won by those who refuse to be beaten.

    Every day is race day.

    Recovery is not an option.

    Just stroke it.

    You’re only novice once.

    Rowing Thunder


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  • Lynne Tatro

    If you want to promote, Row, the boat…but, make sure you pick the right boat.

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