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23 Senior Night Quotes for Soccer

High school female soccer players wearing matching shirts standing on a soccer field

It’s always a bittersweet moment when it’s time for the seniors on a high school soccer team to graduate. They’ve spent so much time together, experiencing the highs and lows with the same teammates over the past four years. When it’s time to honor and celebrate them, send them off in style with matching custom shirts with one of these memorable quotes!

 23 Senior Night Quotes for Soccer

Life is better with good teammates

Soccer brings out the best in us

Thanks for the memories

Never stop shooting for the stars

Everything I’ve learned in life, I’ve learned on the soccer field

Blood, sweat, tears, and teammates

Soccer players do it for the kicks

This field is my second home

I can juggle a lot in life — like soccer balls

There’ll be more teams in life, but I’ll remember this one forever

Even if I graduate, I’m not giving up the cleats!

Never forget to keep your eyes on the goal

I’m just entering a new quarter of my life

As much as I learned in class, I learned more on the field

Working together for the goal — a lesson I’ll never forget

Eat my cleats

It’s been four years on this field, but I feel like I grew up here

Soccer taught me that practice and perseverance make all the difference

It’s not how many games you won, it’s how hard you played

Even if I hang up my cleats for good, I’ll never forget these times

This isn’t an end, this is a beginning of a new soccer journey

I grew up on this field, I’ll never forget it

Good teammates are priceless


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