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23 Gaga League Team Names

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While the origin of Gaga remains unknown, it’s no mystery that it’s become a popular sport, especially at summer camps. Like dodgeball, Gaga involves throwing a ball at other players in order to hit them out; unlike dodgeball, it’s played in a fenced-in area (a gaga pit) and players can only be hit below the waist or knees. A frenzy of fast-paced running, jumping, and throwing, Gaga is exciting to watch as players try to eliminate each other to become the last man standing. If you need to show off your Gaga spirit or build a name for yourself in the pit, create a custom shirt with one of these Gaga team names!

23 Gaga League Team Names

The Googoo Gagas

Last Ones Standing

The Knee Snipers

Gaga Go Team

The Pit Monsters

Gaga Monsters

Lady Gagas

Great Gaga Balls of Fire

Pit People

Gaga Gals

Going Gaga for Gaga

Gaga Daddies

Gallant Gagateers

Dodge This

The Knees! Not the Knees!

Pit Daddy

Go go Gagas

Gaga Goers

G.R.E.A.M. Gaga Rules Everything Around Me

Gaga Pits ‘n’ Giggles

The Gaga Guys

Gaga Hahas

Getting Lit in the Pit


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