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Catchy & Funny Dog Walking Slogans

Posted By Lissa Eckert

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Whether it’s a morning stroll around the neighborhood or a walkathon to raise funds for four-legged friends in the area, dog lovers are always up for an adventure with their furry companions. After all, there’s a reason dogs are known as man’s best friend—they just get us!

If you’re in need of some doggone good inspiration, check out these catchy dog walk slogans. Grab that leash (your pup is sure to follow), your new custom t-shirt, and get to struttin’!

Catchy & Funny Dog Walking Slogans

    We’re making “Fetch” happen

    Ready, Set, FIDO!

    Takin’ care of business

    FURgettabout (coming in last)!

    Strutt for the Mutt

    Pounding Pavement for Pups

    Nothin’ like a little hair of the dog to get us going!

    Hounds Up, Tails Down

    We know about a doggone good time!

    I’d love to, but I have to check with my dog first

    Sweatin’ for the Schnauzers

    FURever together wouldn’t be long enough

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