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25 Bible Camp Sayings and Slogans

A group of bible camp counselors wearing their matching custom t-shirts.

Bible camp is a place for kids to grow their connection with their peers as well as God. These escapes take many forms, and give growing teens a chance to explore their faith outside the normal church setting. Whether you’re at camp for a few days or a couple weeks, it’s an experience you’ll never forget. Make more camp memories with counselors and campers alike when you outfit your whole crew with custom t-shirts featuring these fun bible camp slogans and sayings.

25 Bible Camp Sayings and Slogans

I don’t get homesick, I get campsick

Turning a time for prayer into a life of prayer

The most effective way to spread the gospel is to live it

My campfire songs are hymns

Keep calm and camp on

Friends, fires, and fellowship

Escape from it all to find Him

Nature is my sanctuary

Rejoice with God’s creations

Don’t eat the apples!

Beware of snakes

Campfires, canoes, and Christians

Singing from the mountaintops

Basking in the light of His mercy

Good books and great friends

Fanning the flame of faith

1 cross + 3 nails = 4 given

Getting back to the roots of faith

God is everywhere

Walk with Christ, and you can walk anywhere

Pray the bugs away

Let there be electric lights

Camp counselors run on coffee and prayers

Love all of God’s creatures. Except for bugs

Like church in the woods at the crack of dawn

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