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Multiple Sclerosis (MS) Walk Team Names

Posted By Kate Degen

MS walk team names

Each year, thousands of people partake in MS walks and charity events nationwide, particularly during the spring. For those gearing up for their next Multiple Sclerosis event, we wanted to help you out with coming up with a great team name! We’ve collected a bunch, and think they’d be great for charity t-shirts and gear to wear at your walk. In fact, every year some of our very own Inkers participate in the DC MS Walk, and we just love their team name, “Team Inkers.” You can see their photo from the event below.

MS Walk Team Names

    Walking With Purpose

    Are We There Yet?

    This Better Be The Last Year This Is Necessary

    No MSing Around

    Making Strides for MS

    Too Inspired To Be Tired

    Never Say Never

    Team Sweet Feet

    We Come in Multiples

    Sclerosis Pocus

    MS. Thang

    We’ve Got Nerve

    Not Immune

    Sclerosis Stompers

    Off Our Walker

    Strides & Spasms

    Striving for Balance

    Blurry But Determined

    Tremor Trekkers

    Numb But Not Done

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    • Naomi

      My team name this year is Afoot and Lighthearted. From Whitman’s “Song of the Open Road’

    • Adam Levine


      Thanks for sharing. That’s a great name. Have an awesome walk!

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