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101 Multiple Sclerosis (MS) Walk Team Names

A selection of custom products with MS Walk team names on them: a gray water bottle that reads "Mission: Possible"; a safety yellow performance shirt that reads " Find a Cure / No MSing Around"; a gray quarter-zip performance sweatshirt that reads "MS / Step by Step / Your City, State"; and a slate-colored baseball hat that reads "The MSfits."

Each year, thousands of people participate in MS walks and charity events nationwide, particularly during the spring. For those gearing up for their next Multiple Sclerosis event, we wanted to help you by creating a great team name! We’ve collected a bunch and think they’d be great for charity t-shirts and custom gear at your walk, like activewear, hoodies, drinkware, hats, and beanies. In fact, every year, some of our very own Inkers participate in the DC MS Walk, and we just love their team name, “Team Inkers.”

MS Walk Team Names

Funny MS Walk Team Names

Creative MS Walk Team Names

MS Walk Team Names

  1. Beat MS Brigade 
  2. Step By Step 
  3. Pacesetters 
  4. Strides Against MS 
  5. Striding for Solutions 
  6. Wish Walkers 
  7. Defeat MS 
  8. MS Dream Team 
  9. MS in Motion 
  10. The Curing Crew 
  11. Walk and Roll 
  12. Fire Walkers 
  13. Stride for Survival 
  14. Positive Pace 
  15. Walking With Purpose 
  16. Making Strides for MS
  17. Too Inspired To Be Tired
  18. Never Say Never 
  19. Striding for Balance 
  20. Hope Hustlers 
  21. Stride for Survival 
  22. Multiple Sclerosis Squad 
  23. Sole Survivors 
  24. The Cure Crew 
  25. Mission: Possible 
  26. Step Up to End MS 
  27. Battling the Odds
  28. Stronger Together 
  29. Walk to End MS 
  30. Keep On Smyelin 
  31. The Central Nervous Squad  
  32. Neuro Knights 
  33. Neuro Troopers 
  34. Solemates

MS walk team names

Funny MS Walk Team Names

  1. No MSing Around 
  2. We Come in Multiples 
  3. MS. Thing
  4. MS Pac-Man 
  5. We’ve Got Nerve
  6. Sclerosis Pocus 
  7. The MS Who
  8. Road MS Travelled 
  9. MS Relief 
  10. The MS Men 
  11. A Little MS Conversation 
  12. Relapse Rebels 
  13. Ain’t MS-behavin’ 
  14. MS Out of Water 
  15. MS Steps Are Often Steps to Success
  16. The MSfits 
  17. Sclerosis Stompers 
  18. Are We There Yet?
  19. The Lesionaires 
  20. Hot Off the MS 
  21. MS We Can! 
  22. Team Sweet Feet 
  23. Brain Fog Busters 
  24. Endless Energy 
  25. Brain Fog Bandits 
  26. Fatigue Fighters 
  27. MS No More! 
  28. Courage Under Fire 
  29. MS Steppers 
  30. Shake, Rattle, and Roll 
  31. MS is BS 
  32. Anti-Relapse Rangers 
  33. MS Warriors 

Creative MS Walk Team Names

  1. Footloose Fighters 
  2. Ace of Paces 
  3. Walk Wizards 
  4. Survivor Striders 
  5. The Walkie Talkies 
  6. Miles of Smiles 
  7. Gait Keepers 
  8. Stroll Survivors 
  9. Pedal Pushers 
  10. The MS Mavericks 
  11. MS Conquerors 
  12. Orange Ribbon Racers 
  13. MS Movers 
  14. Step Strong Squad 
  15. Making Miracles 
  16. Multiple Sclerosis Cyclone 
  17. Motivation in Motion 
  18. Unite Against MS
  19. Mighty MS Marchers 
  20. Unstoppable Walkers 
  21. MS Movement 
  22. Cerebral Squad 
  23. Amazing Amblers 
  24. Sole Sisters 
  25. Footprint Fleet 
  26. Soles in Sync 
  27. MS Heroes 
  28. MS Pioneers 
  29. Step Seekers 
  30. High Rollers 
  31. Strong Trekkers 
  32. Mighty Marchers 
  33. MS Soldiers 
  34. MS Angels 

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    • Naomi

      My team name this year is Afoot and Lighthearted. From Whitman’s “Song of the Open Road’

    • Adam Levine


      Thanks for sharing. That’s a great name. Have an awesome walk!

    • Stephanie

      taking steps for those who can’t

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