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30 Rocket League Team Names

A group of kid gamers hang out in their custom t-shirts

Rev your engines and get ready to ram that ball. Rocket League is a popular multiplayer video game where players drive rocket powered cars around a giant soccer field attempting to knock a giant ball into their opponent’s goal. This high octane game has been quick to catch on and become a favorite party game for kids of all ages. If your group is ready to gun it for the goal, fuel up your engines first with fun custom t-shirts for your crew featuring these fun Rocket League Team Names.

30 Rocket League Team Names

Gears and Goals


Hat Tricks

Driving Miss Crazy

Fender Benders

Skid and Score

Pixelated Propulsion

Nothing But Net

Scoring Machines

Higher Power

Oil Ramps

Vehicular Mayhem

High Flyers

Aerial Manuevers

Crash and the Boys

Hot Wheels

Flying Cars

Collision Course

Nuts and Balls

Road Rage




Speed Limitless

Engine Trouble

Red Shift

Oil Slicks


Speed Stealers

Skid and Score

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