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23 Fun Chemistry Club Slogans & Sayings

Chemistry club slogans

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23 Fun Chemistry Club Slogans & Sayings

    Drop the base.

    Give me a reaction.

    Slapped my neon that one.

    You’re sodium funny!

    I zinc I like you.

    We like the element of surprise.

    Gone fission…

    All the good ones argon.

    Stop overreacting.

    Be nice, not amino acid.

    The name’s bond…

    Carbon is a girl’s best friend.

    We’re CuTe.

    In our element.

    Got my ion you.

    Science is always the solution.

    You say science nerd like it’s a bad thing.

    Germanium, nickel, uranium, sulfer. GeNiUS.

    Test tube babes.

    Let’s experiment.

    We’ve got chemistry.

    This bond can’t be broken.

    Let’s get chemical.

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