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Sure, Fall is the time for pumpkin spice everything, cooler nights, Halloween, Thanksgiving—but don’t forget tailgating! If you’re gearing up to support your favorite football teams this season, we’ve put together some of our favorite tailgating food, apparel, and game ideas for your next tailgate event.

For more spirited Fall ideas, check out our DIY Halloween ideas and Thanksgiving team names!



Ragner Relays

As I was going through some Ink of the Week photos, I noticed some really active customers. Always making my lazy bones look bad! 🙂 It turns out that CustomInk has helped dress at least 19 Ragnar Relay teams since 2007! CustomInk t-shirts have been worn for thousands of miles in Arizona, Washington, Minnesota, California, New York, Utah, New England and DC!

What’s Ragnar Relay, you ask? I didn’t know either. So let me enlighten you… The Ragnar Relay Series hosts at least 14 200ish-mile relay races in locations across the United States. Teams of 12 run day and night, relay-style, through some very scenic areas of the country. The mission of the series is to provide an unforgettable running experience.

You know what helps? Having a custom team t-shirt to wear during the race and to hold onto afterward as a memento of the sleep-deprived, dehydrated, achy, good time!


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Mascot Clip Art

Hi everyone, I just added two new collections of artwork to our website: Mascots and Vacations! The new Mascot designs are perfect for your team or summer sport camp. Lions, Tigers, and Pirates… Oh my! The Vacation Collection is perfect for those people heading out on a mountain vacation, going fishing, or hitting the waves. You can find them by searching any of the following: vacation, mountains, lake, surfing, beach, and fishing. Whatever your plans are for the summer, try adding some of our artwork to take your shirts to the next level. Enjoy!

Vacation Clip Art


Washington Nationals 2011 Season

I love March Madness! But apparently it doesn’t love me this year. So, after having my bracket completely annihilated, I’m happy to be moving on to the upcoming season of America’s favorite past-time – Baseball! Popcorn, peanuts, talking smack to visiting teams…I mean…cheering for your favorite team.



Swim Team T-Shirts

Michael told you all about Creative Services recently, and now I’ll be sharing some customer stories from those who’ve taken advantage of this great service!

Kim S. has a swim team in Pasadena, California, called the Sting Rays. Every year, she gets her swim team t-shirts to wear to swim meets and show their team pride. This year, she wanted to do something really special and make the kids shirts that were cool enough to wear for meets, but also something they’d want to wear year round. So, she contacted Creative Services.

Kim asked for two swim team t-shirt designs —  one for the boys and one for the girls — and since they are in Cali, she wanted the shirts to look like the vintage, surf shop style she saw in all the stores.  The final designs had a similar aesthetic, using the same color palette and texture effect, but were changed up so the girls had a more feminine flair. There is a sting ray in each of the designs, but the surrounding imagery changes the tone completely. To make the shirts even more fashionable, Kim ordered girly-style shirts for the girls so the fit would be more flattering. They were such a hit, she ending up reordering both designs a month later!

Need help designing cool shirts, sure to be the highlight of the season?  Just ask for Creative Services when you call!


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