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30 Paranormal Club Slogans and Sayings

A paranormal club wearing matching custom t-shirts
What do the best ghost hunters have in common? Cool equipment and a catchy slogan. If your club is seeking sightings of spirits, reveal yourselves to the world with custom t-shirts and gear featuring these awesome Paranormal Club slogans and sayings.

30 Paranormal Club Slogans and Sayings

It’s scary funTricks are our treat

Keep calm and pass on

I always feel like somebody’s watching me

We’re just a little stitious

We ain’t afraid of no ghost

Chills and thrills

A seance a day keeps the spirits at bay

Back to the old haunt

Uncovering the uncanny

We believe you

Go toward the light

Never split up

Don’t cross the streams

Revealing the bumps in the night

We’ve got spirits, how about you?

Your last rites are our beginning

Who’s afraid of the dark?

We’ll hunt your haunts

Why be normal when you can be paranormal?

Ghost hunters do it in the dark

We see dead people

Your friendly guides to the afterlife

Cross over with us

Got ghosts?

See no evil

Little club of horrors

Tell us a ghost story

A scary good time

We’re getting chills

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