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31 Trivia Quiz Team Names

Posted By Adam Levine

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Coming up with a creative name for a trivia team or quiz group can be a challenge. So to make it easier on you (especially if you’re in a hurry), we’ve compiled a list of some awesome quiz team names. Check them out below and pick your favorite! And to make your team automatic winners, make your own trivia quiz team t-shirts in our design lab.

31 Trivia Quiz Team Names

    In First Place

    Game of Phones

    The Trivia Troop

    Winning, 1 Buzz At a Time


    Knowers Of Things


    I Quiz Therefore I Am

    The Trivianators


    Think Tank

    Wise Owls

    Dazed & Confused

    We Know It All

    Trivia Newton John

    Geek Squad

    It’s Just Trivial


    Alternative Facts

    Pink Freud

    Joey Triviani

    Suck It Trebek

    Quiz Wit

    The Wikipedias

    Smart Squad


    A League of Our Own

    Let’s Get Quizzical

    Google It

    Make Trivia Great Again

    Risky Quizness

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