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33 Paranormal Club Names

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Who’s afraid of the dark? Paranormal occurrences have long been a part of our history. From spiritual sightings to chilling encounters, these unexplained phenomena can be terrifying to some and intriguing to others. If your group of intrepid investigators is out to uncover the mysteries of the unknown, make sure to gear up first with custom t-shirts featuring these fun Paranormal Club names.

33 Paranormal Club Names

Bumps In The Night

Scaredy Cats


Scare Seekers

Boo Buddies

Paranormal Patrol

Haunt and Hang

Hanging Grounds

Rituals and Rites

Paranormal Extracurricular Activities

Phantom Limbs

Of Monsters and Men

Strange Magic

Ghoul Grabbers

Phantom Finders

Spook Stoppers

Mystery Gang

Netflix and Chills

What’s New Spooky Doo?

Kindred Spirits

Wine and Spirits

Seance and Visions

Mission: Incorporeal

Wraith Wranglers

Spirit Squad

School Spirits

Uncanny Uncovered

Free Spirits

Sprites and Frights

The Great Reveal-O


Scared Stiffs

Those Darn Kids

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