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25 Beach Rugby Slogans and Sayings

A beach rugby team shows off their custom tank tops on the beach

Beach rugby is the perfect combination of relaxing vacation and full contact sport. Score with your whole team in the sand and surf and turn your next rugby game up to the next level. Before you strip down to your swimsuit, give your team the winning edge with custom t-shirts and more featuring these fun beach rugby slogans and sayings.

25 Beach Rugby Slogans and Sayings

No shoeing on the beach

Wins by the water

Tan, touch, and tackle

Kickin’ it in the sand

Hotter by the water

Scrums by the surf

Tougher, tanner, more triumphant

Scrum down, ruck over, drink up

The best hookers play on the beach

Sweat dries, blood clots, bones heal

Why is the scrum gone?

Kings of the sand castle

If you can’t play nice, play beach rugby

Sand in your blood, blood in the sand

Keep calm and ruck on

Draw your pitch in the sand

Battle it out on the beach

Bring your balls to the beach

Scorin’ in the sand

Tackling at high tide

Sunscreen and bandages

Bury your opponent in the sand

Rucking from tide to tide

Scrum and coke on the beach

Balls in the sand

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