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30 Beach Rugby Team Names

A beach rugby team in matching yellow custom tank tops

The only thing better than a rugby match is a rugby match on the beach. Before your team prepares to play and pitch in the sand, gear up for a good time with awesome custom t-shirts and more featuring these fun beach rugby team names.

30 Beach Rugby Team Names

Sand Scrum

Kickin’ Sand

Egg Chasers

Blood on the Beach

Mauled by Sharks

Luck of the Draw

Tan Meter Law

Beach Hookers

Sand Sharks

No Shoeing on the Beach

Sand Castle Kickers

Wave Chasers

Why is the Scrum Gone?

Beach Pirates

Sun Tanned Tacklers

Bronze Ballers

Beach Bums

Shellfish Passers

Scrum on the Beach

One Kick Wonders


Blood by the Water

Lady Ruck


Beach Blitz

Balls in the Sand

Pirates and Scrum

Beachside Ballers


The Try Babies

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