Team Names

30 Squad Names

A close squad of friends wears matching custom shirts and raises their hands like superman flying.

When your squad gets together, there’s nothing they can’t do. Celebrate your closest group of friends with custom t-shirts for everything you do together and crown your crew with one of these clever squad names.

30 Squad Names

The FriendShip

Buddy Brigade

In Cahoots

Wolf Pack

Squad Squad

Team Awesome


Tequila Mockingbirds

Omega Squad

The B-Team

Over Achievers

Cubicle Crew

Chosen Ones

War and Peace


Shake and Bake

Thick as Thieves

United Front

Boots and Skirts


Basic Besties

Wired In

Brothers From Another Mother

Selfie Sisters

Fused and Bruised

Evidence of Collusion

Connected at the Hip

Hot Shots

Salvation Squad

Roamin’ Empire

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